New Go phone plans are horrible!


New Go phone plans are horrible!

I know they're trying to get GoPhone users to switch to plans so they can screw us out of money that way, but good grief! I have a smartphone and went from buying a 1GB data package once every 4 months with 50 megabyte packages the other 3 months, with the rollover from the 1GB being enough to sustain me. I averaged spending between $30 and $50 on any month. I switched to the $40 monthly plan because they stopped offering the bigger plans. Now, in 4 days, my phone has somehow used the entire 400 megabytes the plan gives you. I will now have to buy more data, probably 3 or 4 more times before the month is over. This is STUPID. At $5 each time you have to buy data, you spend sixty or more each month. And the $60 monthly plan is not much better. Then you have to buy more data on top of paying the already ridiculous prices! They say they have good customer relations! BULL! I am about ready to switch...would have already, to straight talk, but my son has straight talk and he gets no service at my mother-in-law's house, where we visit once to three times a month, and I can't go with no service for DAYS at a time. I have been a LONG LONGtime customer with Go Phone. If I can find another wireless company that uses the at&t towers, I will definitely be switching. This is insanity. Money-hungry owners who have no idea what it is like to have to BUDGET their money ahead of time are the ones who make these plans. UGH!

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Re: New Go phone plans are horrible!

I completely agree with you. AT&T should not be focusing on so many monthly subscription plans. Rather, the majority of their prepaid plans should be pay per use plans - after all, that's why it's called "pay as you go" service, is it not?

Some of the newer plans reach into contract/postpaid service pricing, namely the $60 unlimited plan. Yeah, it's still a fairly good bargain and there's a lot of nice features for the price, but I couldn't see myself spending $60 every month on a prepaid service plan. If I wanted to spend that kind if money, I would have signed up with postpaid service.

It really does stink how they screwed over the $25 monthly plan customers by murdering their data options from 1GB down to a mere 50MB. People will have to spend over 10 times as much money to reach the previous 1GB plan that was offered no more than a month ago.

All I can say is, thank God I don't use a data plan with my smartphone.

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