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Network upgrades or something else?


Network upgrades or something else?

Hi everyone...


I seem to be having an issue with calls, iMessages, and texts In my area (Sheboygan, Wi.). A family member has been having their iPhone constantly go to "Searching..." And when they have service iMessages sometimes fail. A friend of mine with an S3 has been having problems sending text messages, and another friend with an AT&T device called me and he dropped the call In a place that usually has 2-3 bars. The tech on twitter says they're doing "tower work" in the area. I drive past 2 AT&T towers regularly and haven't noticed trucks, new panels, or any activity. 

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Re: Network upgrades or something else?

Hello @Applegeek97 


First thing we recommend is trying a new SIM card, any Corporate AT&T store will be able to replace it for you for free. Are you having issues in certain areas or everywhere?


Thank you,


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