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Network outage in 94536 zip?


Network outage in 94536 zip?

I used to have almost 3 bars with excellent coverage near the Mission Blvd/King Ave area (Fremont Niles area) up until today. Today, the signal is switching between "No Signal"/"Searching"/1 bar. Outgoing calls keep failing. Data is spotty as well.


According to this site:


It is showing severe coverage issues in the above mentioned area.


Is any maintenance or known issue with the towers in the region?


Like I said, the service was solid for the past couple of years up until today.

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Re: Network outage in 94536 zip?

I believe the UMTS of the tower right in the area of Niles BLVD and State HWY 238 is severely degraded. Looks like the planned restoral is for tomorrow! Hope this helps!

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Re: Network outage in 94536 zip?

Thanks, AfterHoursCreep! That is indeed a relief! I can wait until tomorrow.


However, for my education, may I know how you came across this information. It will be useful for me the next time something like this happens.



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