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Nest App on the Iphone


Nest App on the Iphone

I currently have the pro1 thermostat from and decided to go ahead a try a nest. And with that purchase came the app for it. I have noticed that not only does the app drain my battery much quicker, but I am concerned about potential bandwidth issues. Any one else have similar issues?



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Re: Nest App on the Iphone

I am using the Nest app on my iPhone 5 and iPad 4 and have not noticed any extra drain on the battery and have both the thermostat and the Protect.

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Re: Nest App on the Iphone

I have two NEST thermostats and the app on my iPhone 5s and my 4th generation iPod touch.  I haven't noticed any battery issues at all with that app.

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Re: Nest App on the Iphone

I have been using the Nest with an iPhone 5 for over a year.  I have had no battery or bandwidth issues.

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