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Need to block a number


Need to block a number

How do I block a number
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Re: Need to block a number

Catchrudy wrote:
How do I block a number

The smart limits package is your only real option. 


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Re: Need to block a number

Yes, it appears the only way to stop someone who is sending harrassing text messages is to pay AT&T an additional 4.99 a month.  If you click on the links on the bottom of this page, they take you to Small Business.  If you click on Terms of Use, you get a massive index.  They don't want you to know what you're agreeing to - they just want you $4.99/month.

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Re: Need to block a number

In other words, I have to PAY ADDITIONAL money for what should be free as it is in other nations on our planet earth?  Why is the service different to American citizens than European?  How long will ATT subject it's customers to such extortion?

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Re: Need to block a number

Unfortunately the USA and even Canada are no where near where the Europeans are for the wireless industry.
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