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Nationwide roaming, not international


Nationwide roaming, not international

I live in a suburb outside of Chicago. I live in a large home and cannot get service on my phone. I know about the 3G microcell and that is not the purpose of this post, I am not paying to receive a service that I already pay for. According to my plan I have nationwide roaming included. My phone does connect to another network(probably t-mobile) but I cannot send or receive texts or calls. I have a Samsung GS4 with data roaming enabled. Since roaming is included in my plan how do I actually roam? Whatever network I connect to when AT&T looses service has great coverage in my home and since that is roaming I should be able to use it like AT&T's network.

Also I don't care about data speed, I have Wi-Fi and this did not happen recently. Its been like this for about 5 years. I let it go because I thought maybe it would get fixed but I guess not. Any information would be helpful.
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Re: Nationwide roaming, not international

If your phone was working before with no problems and it suddenly doesn't work it's probably a network problem. Did you diagnose with AT&T tech support?


Their nationwide roaming means roaming on rural carriers in rural areas of the US.


AT&T does not allow roaming on T-Mobile in most areas because their engineering/network team thinks their network is the best and they have native infrastructure (plus it costs them $).


So their network is down. File a trouble ticket via support and use the mark the spot app. Hopefully the local Chicago Mobility engineers notice and fix the problem. Chicago is a big market so they should get on it ASAP.

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Re: Nationwide roaming, not international

Well i am not sure if it is down, i have never been able to receive service in my home for five years(when i do, its spotty).  Someone told me that it was the structure of the home that was causing the issue.  When i walk outside, i get 3-4 bars right away.  So they could be right.

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Re: Nationwide roaming, not international

Well AT&T does have roaming agreements with a few domestic carriers. If the moment you walk outside gives you reception, it would be entirely possibly the construction of your home is affecting your service. Since it's affect AT&T's signal, it's probably blocking all the other carriers you would be able to roam on.


I have the same issue at my house. We get almost no reception at home, and we've tried all the major carriers to no avail. Getting the microcell solved the issues I had. Even though it cost me money in the short run (and uses my data),  the ability to actually get service was more benefitial.

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Re: Nationwide roaming, not international

Very important to be trouble shooted @ home with all cell phones by AT&T tech support to be noted for record. Depending on how long you have been with them & what you spend per mo, tech support may put large enough credit on your at&t acct equal to cost of micro cell. But when you purchase 1 from at&t store, you will have to pay for it up front. Otherwise, you can buy Cisco Micro Cells on eBay. Make sure previous owner has unregistered them with at&t. Mark the Spot is good idea, too. I have also heard Best Buy sells boosters, too, but have not read any reviews on them.
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