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My disappointment in AT&T - Unlocking my Blackberry Bold 9700


My disappointment in AT&T - Unlocking my Blackberry Bold 9700

l have been an AT&T customer since March 27, 2004. I switched over from Sprint, which I had been a customer  of for 5 years, primarily because of a very simple upgrade issue in which a customer service representative tried to force me to sign a contract and I refused.


During the time I have been an AT&T customer I have owned my phone's outright, that is paying full-price for them and not accepting a discounted price that requires a 2-year contract. Even though I have been free to make a switch since I own my phones I haven't done so because for the large part I have been satisfied with the level of service AT&T has been providing. In fact I spend about 90% of my time outside the US today but I still maintain my US number which is approximately $600 in free revenue to AT&T since I don't consume network resources.


With this being said let me know move on to my disappointment in AT&T.


In June 2009 I changed my phone from a Blackberry Pearl to a Blackberry 9000 (Bold), paid full-price for it and immediately had the phone unlocked by AT&T customer service. In July 2010, I decided I wanted an upgrade and paid full-price to purchase a Blackberry 9700 (Bold 2). Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I was told by customer service that I would have to wait 90-days to unlock the phone. Apparently this is a new AT&T policy. In my mind, I thought once again, I have a customer service rep who only knows policy but doesn't understand underlying issues. Trying to reason with such an individual is futile.


Looking at it from a logical, non-emotional point of view, I am asking AT&T boldly and publicly as to why I should have to wait 90-days to unlock a phone for the following reasons:

1. I own the phone, having paid full-price ($449) for it. In very simple terms I did not accept a discounted price to place myself under contract with AT&T. I can understand why AT&T will not allow a contract phone that was sold at a discount to be unlocked but I certainly can't understand why I wouldnt be able to unlock a phone that I own.


2. If AT&T is worried about the potential loss of revenue over the next 90 days that I have to wait to unlock this phone, I hope they are also thinking about the lifetime loss of revenue that they stand to lose as well. I haven't been under a contract with AT&T for the past 6 years and I haven't switched to another provider. Over this issue I am very willling to explore the issue. Thank God there is another GSM provider in America called T-Mobile. Heck, even Sprint that I don't want to go back to allows you to switch SIM's on their Quad Band Worldwide Blackberry Phones. I paid full-price for not one but 2 Motorola RAZR's when they first came out, a Black Berry Pearl, and 2 Blackberry Bold's. This should indicate to AT&T that I'm willing to stay but a capricious policy is pushing me away into the arms of another provider


3.  I also question the legality of the policy. I own the phone and should be able to use the phone as I please. In the case in which a customer buys a phone outright AT&T is just a sales channel and cannot insert a restriction on how the phone is used. If I had purchased the phone at a discount and signed-up for a contract then AT&T should protect its investment and restrict the unlocking of the phone. This issue has already been settled by the courts. The exclusion is the I-Phone and there are very specific reasons for that since Apple has contracted with a single provider. This also will be settled soon.


As a parting shot please note that I changed over from Sprint because a customer service rep wanted me to sign a two-year contract because I wanted to upgrade my text messaging plan by a measly  $5. As is, I spend a majority of my time traveling out of the country and I don't need my US mobile per se with all the other options out there, google, skype, vonage etc. The $50 or so odd dollars I pay to AT&T every month is what I consider an expensive carrying cost and free revenue to AT&T for doing nothing since I barely use the network. What AT&T won't do, T-Mobile and others can and will do.


AT&T I hope you're listening or should I say reading?


Best regards,

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Re: My disappointment in AT&T - Unlocking my Blackberry Bold 9700


fbadeji wrote:
What AT&T won't do, T-Mobile and others can and will do.


AT&T I hope you're listening or should I say reading?


Best regards,

I'm sorry, but this is a customer forum, and the chances of anyone higher up reading your looooong post, is slim to none at all.  Smiley Wink


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Re: My disappointment in AT&T - Unlocking my Blackberry Bold 9700

Here we are 3 years later and unlocking my 4 year old Blackberry Bold 9700 is said to be "impossible" due to  ATT's "exclusivity" arrangement.  Baloney!!!  I will switch to Verizon as soon as I can make that happen.  This was a phone purchased at discount and paid for by my contract which ended two years ago. I agree with you... the phone is legally yours and ATT should not be allowed to prevent you from using it the way you want to. That's like GM preventing you from driving your Chevrolet in Pennsylvania.  3 thumbs down to AT&T. They are losing another customer.

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Re: My disappointment in AT&T - Unlocking my Blackberry Bold 9700

I have a problem similiar to yours. My son was due to travel out of the country. I called at&t 2 weeks prior to his travel to ask if things would be ok once he got there. I was told by the rep twice he would be fine. No mention about international rates, unlocking the phone nor new sim card. He got all the way there and finds out that he has a locked phone still under contract that cannot be unlocked until mid march. I am too through with at&t. They have really put me out with them because they did not adknowledge the way I was mislead by their rep.

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