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My Rank Title

My Rank Title

Since there seems to be no forum for asking general questions about this board, I'll ask here?


What's with my current rank of "Teacher"?  I'm not here enuf to acheive that rank, nor am I a  teacher.  This ranking system makes no sense to me.  It should be simple:  Member, Moderator, & Community Manager.


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Re: My Rank Title

Hi, johnrsellers!


Thanks for posting. For more information about our rank structure, click on the link below.


Rank Structure


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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Re: My Rank Title

There are certain things that would "elevated you(EU)" to that position, depending on how you contribute to the forum. Your right, you don't deserve that title( judging by this post you created); you should be stripped of it j/p. But you right though, they should redo the ranking structure...but NOT along the lines of what you said.

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