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My GoPhone charged me twice?


My GoPhone charged me twice?

Hi, I bought a GoPhone about a day ago and as I was trying to activate it on my computer I accidently put my card information twice because the first time I put it I guess it didn't go through so I had to do it again then my phone actually started working the second time. I checked my bank account and it was charged twice but right now it is still pending. I have the 40 dollar plan. This is my first time buying a GoPhone and having AT&T so I'm not really sure what to do. I would really appreciate the help! Thanks!

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Re: My GoPhone charged me twice?

I would guess either they will automatically refund second payment within a few days or you will just have two months worth of service. If you need the money back in your bank account asap call them. Although you won't get an actual American support tech and for me the people from India or wherever are hard to understand, the wait times are unbeleivablly not that bad.

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