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Must have cellular data on to receive/send MMS/Voicemail?


Must have cellular data on to receive/send MMS/Voicemail?

My wife and I got Lumia 920's earlier this year.  We have the lowest data plan, so we normally keep our cellular data off unless we want to check something online and are away from Wi-Fi.  99.9% of my data usage on my phone is done through Wifi as I am almost always in range of a wirelss network.  My question/concern is that it seems as if we don't receive voicemail, and can't send/receive picture messages unless we turn our cellular data antenna on.  Is this the way it's supposed to work with Windows phones or can this be fixed?  I find it stupid that you must have cellular data on just to be notified that you have a voicemail or to send a picture, even when you are connected to the internet via Wifi.  Hopefully this is just a setting I've overlooked.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks.


Edit:  Also, to clarify, text messaging works always, with cellular on or off.  But I do not receive voicemail notifications until I turn on cellular.  Thanks.

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Re: Must have cellular data on to receive/send MMS/Voicemail?

Having your Cellular Data turned off shouldn't affect your vmail notifications in any way. That's an odd one, and the first time I've heard of this happening.


Data must be on in order for you to send/receive MMS. This goes across the board and isn't just something specific to Nokia/WP phones.

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Re: Must have cellular data on to receive/send MMS/Voicemail?

MMS uses cellular data (but that usage doesn't count against your data plan) to send the multimedia attachments.


Visual Voicemail also uses cellular data (again, not counted against your plan) to send the voicemail to your phone where you then play it back - you can still "call your voicemail" and get the messages, but if you want to use visual voicemail you will need to turn on cellualr data.


You call call 611 and go back to standard voice mail (where you call in to check) and I believe you will get VM notifications in WP8 still, with data off.



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