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Moving phone to another account?


Moving phone to another account?

I own an iPhone 4s and my Sister-n-law HAD an iPhone 5 and she was on my mother-n-laws plan.  She recently stepped on the phone when she got out of the shower and water got into the phone.  I believe the water got through the ear piece and damaged the front facing camera assembly and wire.  I know this from tinkering and people getting the same error message I'm getting upon boot.  Here's the question.  Since she didn't have a phone she has since got a iPhone 5s on her OWN plan.  She said if I can fix it I can have it.  NICE!  The phone is still under contract.  How could I use that phone on my plan?  Is there something we can do to transfer a contractual obligation to my plan?  My 4s is no longer under contract.

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Re: Moving phone to another account?

Hello, jd_guthrie!


The equipment itself is not under contract since the contract is tied to the phone number. So if you get the phone fixed, all you would need to do is go to any AT&T store and get a new SIM card. The iPhone 5 takes a nano-SIM and your old iPhone 4S takes a micro-SIM. Once they activate the new nano-SIM with your number, you just pop it into the phone, and it should work right away. Since you had a 4S before, your plan shouldn't change. The only thing you may have to do is back up your old iPhone 4S to the cloud or your computer so you can restore all this information on the iPhone 5.


Let me know if that helps!



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