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Motorola Atrix not recieving Text Messages


Motorola Atrix not recieving Text Messages

A couple of days ago, my Atrix randomly stopped recieving texts. I am able to send them and make and recive calls but I just dont get texts. I went to the AT&T store where I live and they replaced my SIM card and all the texts came in! My phone has been acting fine but then, two days later, I stopped recieving texts again, out of no where. I'm going back to AT&T tommorow but for now, does anyone have any idea what to do to fix this? My phone is only a couple of months old. I recently moved from Chicago to Houghton, MI...if that changes anything. I reall need to get this fixed.

Ideas are very appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Motorola Atrix not recieving Text Messages

Have you tried doing a master reset or powercycling your phone? that always do the trick if still having problem it might me the sim card or need technical assistance.

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Re: Motorola Atrix not recieving Text Messages

I'm having the same problem over the past 2 weeks with my Atrix HD phone.  I hadn't realized there was a problem until last Saturday morning, about 20 texts came through all at once.  Looked like it had stopped working about mid-week.  Receiving worked fine all week, then last Thursday, it stopped working again.  I had texted several family members and not received a response, so called them.  They had sent back immediate messages, but the phone just didn't receive them.  I've tried multiple reboots and called ATT, who reset the phone.  Was hoping it would just start up again Saturday morning, but still not working!

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Re: Motorola Atrix not recieving Text Messages

I had to master factory reset my Motorola Atrix HD by myself before I could receive text messages I was very frustrated. When u do this make sure u take ur SIM and ur SD card out (if u have one) also by doing this u will loose all of ur contacts, games, and pictures. I lost all of my pictures but since I used the at&t contact saver it saved my contacts and I also remembered my Google play password so it automatically put my games and apps back onto my phone it maybe take it a little while to update all of them though. I hope this helps.
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