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Mobile Value Share Plans

Mobile Value Share Plans

Recently I switched two out-of-contract iPhone lines to the Mobile Share Value Plan.  The rate was supposed to be $25 per phone (with no annual service agreement), as opposed to $40 per phone if I had a two year agreement still in place.  I was told at the At & T store that I would be billed for $40 per month for each of the two phones and then receive a $15 per month "credit" for each of the two out-of contract phones.  So, the cost per phone would, in effect, be $25 per month as AT & T advertised on it's web site.  Up front this seems to be a pretty contorted way to bill.


When I received my first bill after switching to the Mobile Share Value Plan, the $15 per month credit was missing for each of the two phone lines.  I called AT & T Customer Service and they told me that it would take at least two months before the "credits" would show up on my bill.  I was assured that they would "catch up" on months when I did not receive the credits and that, in the end (or after several months) The average bill would be $25 per phone as advertised.  To me this is totally unsatisfactory.  If AT & T is able to change my bill to the Mobile Share Value rate of $40 per month immediately, then why can't they immediately reflect the $15 per month credit for each phone line?

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Re: Mobile Value Share Plans

That certainly doesn't sound right to me, especially since nowhere in the FAQ it says that it can take several billing cycles for that to happen, just the following:


How will the savings from choosing a No Annual Service Contract option be displayed on the bill?

All smartphones on Mobile Share Value plans will be billed at $40 per month. A $15 Mobile Share Value smartphone savings credit for eligible customers will be automatically applied to the customer’s monthly bill.

I would take your bill to an AT&T store and ask them to look into it, sounds like you should be seeing the savings immediately.

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Re: Mobile Value Share Plans

Before I first posted,  I did speak to the store manager on the phone just to let him know about the issue in case he received complaints from other customers.  He had not heard from any customer about the two month or more delay in the credit.  He did offer to speak directly with Customer Service if the credits do not show up on my next bill.

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Re: Mobile Value Share Plans

Is no one concerned that AT & T's advertising concerning the Mobile Value Share Plan is completely dishonest?  Are there computers and staff support so poor that they cannot give the customer the $15 per month credit on the first bill? Why do they not explain this in their FAQ's?  Why do AT & T store managers not know that there will be a delay in the credit?

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Re: Mobile Value Share Plans

I have several questions for you (if you don't mind):


When's the start of your billing cycle? When did you make the change of plans? What plan did you have before you switched over to the Mobile Share Value Plan?  Are you bill in advanced or arrears?


Robot Happy




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Re: Mobile Value Share Plans

I changed to the Mobile Value Plan on the day of the start of a billing period.  I pay in advance.  We used to have a 1400 min, 200 MB plan for two phones.  When the bill was posted on-line and the hard copy arrived, I was billed $40 per phone for each of the two phones and $20 for 300 MB of data.  AT & T updated everything on the bill except the $15 per phone credit we should have received for being off contact (we have been off for over four months).  My issue is, if they coud make the change so quickly with everything else, why should I wait at least two months to receive the $15 per phone credit?  I know in the end (after at least two months) I will receive the back credits, but why shoud AT & T get to keep my money while I wait?

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Re: Mobile Value Share Plans

I'm very sorry to hear your still having trouble with this issue. As per my understanding, the $15 credit/discount per device (for non-contract phones and NEXT members: Mobile Share Value Plan) should get posted immediately. I suggest you call the billing support center at 1-800-331-0500 to get this fixed asap.


Best of luck. 

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Re: Mobile Value Share Plans

That is the number I called.  They were the ones who said I'd have to wait for two months of billing cycles before the $15 credit per device would show up on my account. I argued with them that no where in any AT & T ads for Mobile Value Share Plans is it stated that you have to wait two months to get the $15 per device credit. In the end they were willing to take $25 off of my current advance payment bill, but said I had to wait for two months for the remainder of the full credits I was due.

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Re: Mobile Value Share Plans

Hi OldTarHeel, 


If you read your customer service summary (CSS - this should have been provided to you at the Point of Sale, or emailed to the account on file), on the first page of the document explains the credit in detail and about the 1 to 2 billing cycles to be applied. You can get a copy of this directly from any AT&T Coporate Store. 


I would suggest you send a PM to ATTCustomerCare on this forum, they will be able to get your account information and assit in the adjustments on your bill. 


Hope this helps

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Re: Mobile Value Share Plans

I have read and re-read the Customer Service Summary (CSS) I received at the At & T store.  The Mobile Share Value Savings section on the first page makes no mention of any one-to-two month delay in receiving the $15 per month per device credit.  There is a statement which says that the estimated monthly bill in the CSS does not reflect the $15 per device credit. The Business Discount section below that does mention a possible 1-2 month delay.  My issue is not with the Business Discount, but with the Mobile Share Value savings of $15 per month per device credit.

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Re: Mobile Value Share Plans

From what little bit I've seen, the delay is not typical, but what you've descibed, I've figured why you're in the situation.

Changes made starting the first day of the new cycle don't usually show up until the next bill. Usually, the bill starts getting calculated midnight the morning of your first day/last night.


On rare occasion, I've seen 'some' of the changes made the morning of the first day go through, but that only messed it up more (since it was incomplete). The first day of the bill cycle is the worst day to make, unless you set something go into effect right at midnight (such as future dating something)


Typically, I tell customers, any changes made, are viewable on the next bill that gets put together, and you did it after the bill started to come out.


So yeah, your bill for this month shouldn't be reflective of any changes, and the next bill should.


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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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