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Military Suspensions


Military Suspensions

To Policy Makers at ATT,


My son is on our family plan. He is active duty Afghanistan. He deployed spring of 2011. Military orders were sent as requested to ATT for a military phone suspension.


September 29, 2011, my son returned to the US. for leave, we requested ATT activate his phone for three weeks while home. I was assured It was no problem and the phone could be suspended again after his leave.


After my son returned to his duties over seas, I called to make sure his phone was suspended again. I was asked to send his military orders again, I explained that they had been sent in last spring and ATT should have record of them. After which I received two emails on October 20, one asking for his military orders again and next saying the issue is resolved. I called the number of the second email just be sure. Again I was reassured everything was squared away.


I am enrolled in automatic bill pay and had received an email notice to view my ATT bill. To my surprise my son's phone had been terminated and I was charged a $95 for early termination fees.


The following events of the day in order to explain my dissatisfaction with your company;

  • Called customer service only to speak to a foreign customer service agent who doesn't exactly understand the ins and outs of the US military.
  • Who then needed sensitive information such as social number, date of birth and full name of my son. (Asked person where they were located. Told me they were not allowed to divulge that information. Can you see the irony? Was this person Pakistani?)
  • I was told the reason the phone was terminated was, I hadn't sent in military orders and I need to send them in.
  • Told him I can't get them since my son is unavailable and I he would not be able to send them from his location. 
  • And that ATT should have them on record.
  • Explained emails and past conversations.
  • On the phone for 15 minutes
  • On the phone for another 20 minutes now while he goes over Military Suspension Policy and confers with his supervisor.
  • On phone another 30 minutes to look for my sons info on the Pentagon data base to find he is active.
  • After all of this, the result is to tell me to send in my son's orders.
  • I hung up the phone.
  • Called sales and now talked with someone who appears to be an American. (Why are sales persons American and complaints handled in foreign countries)
  • Repeat most of the process above.
  • The sales person reverses the fees for termination but had to do a credit check on us to reactivate the my son's phone.
  • The phone is now activated. (I hope no one texts him as we are aware of the $1.25 per text cost)
  • Then the phone will be, hopefully, military suspended on December 5.
  • Now it's been almost 2 hours on the phone.


When people asked me why I have ATT when coverage is poor here, I tell them it's because of the service. I tell them how I call ATT and get an American speaker and get any problem handled efficiently and thoroughly. Is it really cheaper if you have to tie up a service rep for two hours? Does it really help our miliary, as At&t does, when they are in a theater of war for more paperwork?  


This is my son's 2nd tour and until recently I have had no difficulties with suspensions and reactivations. I don't know why you have implemented such horrible policies.


Your customer service representatives are very courteous and professional, even if sometimes not understandable. (Your customer service phonelines are very staticy already besides dealing with an accent). But I feel your policies are hampering them unnecessarily and so with the recent changes, you are not giving me much of a reason to stay a loyal ATT customer.



I added Charter and Verizon to my list of companies I refuse to deal with, because of cheap overseas customer service with all it's miscommunication and it's supervisors being hand tied. I hope ATT is not next.

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Former Community Manager

Re: Military Suspensions

AT&T is proud to support members of the military and their families. As a former member of the Air Force, I have first hand knowledge of how important this kind of stuff is. 


As you can see from the above, I've been very active in this thread and will help you get this taken care of. 


I helped my ex take care of his phone when he deployed to Qatar just a couple months ago so we are very well versed in getting this done. 


If you're ready to start this process (meaning, you have a copy of his orders), please send a private message to ATTCustomerCare with your name, account number, email address, phone number and the best time to contact you. 

Also, here's a support article that explains the options available - 

To send a private message, you can either click on the link in this message or click on the little blue envelope in the upper right hand corner, click "compose new message" and type ATTCustomerCare in the "Send To" field.


As of May 1st, I am no longer serving as the Community Manager for AT&T. This account will no longer be able to accept private messages.

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Re: Military Suspensions

Just wanted to give an update from my experience with putting my deployed spouse's AT&T phone on hold while he was in Afghanistan & Pakistan.  It was a pain in the behind, but AT&T did eventually fix it when my spouse returned and called them himself.


AT&T make me go through quite a bit of hurdles - I called 3 times and each time got different instructions and assurances. The first customer service person made me fax in my husband's order and a form requesting the hold. I did that and still got the charges for his line on the next month's bill.  So I call customer service again, and this next person said that I shouldn't have had to fax in the information and that he had no idea where those forms went because there was no note of it on my account. Which really worried me because the orders have personal info on it!  Anyway, he said he would suspend my husband's line and refund the amount I was charged last month.  Then on the next month's bill, the charges are back on again.  I called again, and this customer service guy said he sees the note on my account regarding the suspension but doesn't understand why I'm being charged for the suspended number. So he said he would put another note on there and make sure it got suspended.  He also offered a refund of the overcharge.  Well, guess what the bill was the next month and months after until my husband returned??  Yes, we kept getting charged for my husband's line.  I was too annoyed and too busy/stressed to continue dealing with this (working full-time and taking care of a 3-year old), so my husband told me to just pay it and he'll deal with AT&T when he gets back.


So, when my husband came back, he called them and explained the situation, and within 1/2 hour got a refund of all the charges we'd been paying for his phone while he was away.  Although I was very  frustrated with AT&T during my husband's deployment - not like I didn't have enough to deal with already at the time, at least  AT&T made recompense for their mistakes.

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