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Maximizing your Chat with an Online Sales Agent


Maximizing your Chat with an Online Sales Agent

When you enter a room to start your online chat, please read the green text displayed just before your chat session begins. Sales chat agents are there to maximize your online experience by making recommendations on devices as well as to assist with finding the perfect plans to suit your needs. In addition they assist existing customers to navigate their accounts. The online chat system is NOT setup in a way to view account file information, change fees, note accounts and/or change dates(Upgrade/Contract within the system. Understanding this will make for a smooth chat with an agent very happy to assist you. 

Key Points

  1. AT&T does not match the pricing of competitors, it is important to note that when you choose AT&T you are getting the best value for your dollar! AT&T has the Nation's largest world class network, with super fast 4G LTE speeds that those other networks are not offering and cannot match. AT&T is the only carrier that offers HSPA+ with enhanced back-haul.This means that no matter where you go, you will get blazing fast speeds. In fact over 90% of our network data users are on some form of 4G or 4G LTE data! Those other companies don't have that.
  2. Standard Upgrade-You are eligible to upgrade every 25 months with this option. If you are at your full upgrade eligibility date this means you can upgrade at the lowest possible device prices with the standard $36 upgrade free, this is not a fee we are able to waive. You only pay for device's while online, so if you are ordering a phone $0.00, that's excellent. You will see your $36 upgrade fee on your bill about 30 days from activation.
  3. AT&T Next- You can also take advantage of AT&T Next  which is a new way to start an account or upgrade and . Rather than paying device cost upfront you can instead break the higher cost of the device up in 20 small monthly payments. Another advantage is with Next you can upgrade every 12 months.(Please note: To be eligible to upgrade using Next, you must be eligible for standard upgrade to begin)
  4. Partial Eligibility - If you are eligible for a partial upgrade, these partial upgrades happen about 6 months prior to your full eligibility date. The amount taken off the device is not significant and unless you desperately need that phone ASAP it is recommended that you would be happier waiting until your full upgrade eligibility


If you have an existing GoPhone account and are looking to replace your device, we ask that you please complete this purchase in store. The online ordering system is not currently set up to complete orders for existing accounts and once you select the phone, you are then asked to choose a new plan and telephone number. We do know this is a trip you do not want to make. We would much before that you were able to checkout online with us. However, that not being the case, please don't get angry and simply disconnect the chat. You agent will gladly help locate the nearest location for you. 

Want to make an Existing Phone a GoPhone-

Certainly, you may certainly use any AT&T or other unlocked GSM phone on our GoPhone plans. With an existing device you will need to visit an AT&T location for initial setup. They will provide you the proper SIM Card for that device functioning as a GoPhone and you will also be able to choose your plan. Once your GoPhone is active you may then come online to manage your GoPhone account and refill your GoPhone plan as needed.Again, we are happy to assist you locate the nearest AT&T location.

Want to change your current GoPhone plan- Great, This is not currently a change that can be made online and cannot be changed by simply buying a refill card for the plan you want. This requires Customer Care to make these changes. Your agent can provide you with that number as well as the best steps to bypass the automated system.


Most Importantly: Online Sales Chat Agents are live, we are human and we work very hard balancing multiple chats while treating each chat as if it is the most important and only chat of that day. A previous experience with an in-store or call in agents was not us, so please come in chat with an open mind as if we are meeting for the very first time. You may be very pleasantly surprised. There is a wealth of information we can share with and assist you with during our online time together. I don't want to make this too long. 


I am however happy to answer any questions or explain anything that may assist you now. From plans(grandfathered/current), devices, etc. 



I hope this helps some. Thank you for reading.





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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Maximizing your Chat with an Online Sales Agent

Thank you for taking your time to put this post together!



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Employee Contributor*
*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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