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MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?


MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

My MIFI Liberate pushed the software update to 1.4 Tuesday of this week. It imediately started refusing the update, and finally I got it updated after about 3 master resets. After the update, the MIFI no longer stays registered to the HSPA+ network. It kicks off the network and registers to a new IP address after roughly 30 seconds to a few minutes. Obviously, this constant drop/network IP issue means the Mifi is utterly useless now. I already have had the one I updated Tuesday replaced, and the new replacement mifi unit is doing the same thing on HSPA+.  I also have a ticket into AT&T's network engineers to check out the issue. 

Is anyone else's Mifi not working after the update, or is it just my bad luck? It worked fine for 6 months on software 1.3. 

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

I have the same issue. My device is on version 1.4. It continues to drop connection almost all the time. If I am lucky I can get it to work for an hour at most and the it starts acting up again. Normally it is when there is more than one device connected I think but I not 100% sure. I have only had this for a couple weeks and has not been reliable. When I first got it the version was 1.3 I think and it did the same thing. I was hoping 1.4 would fix the issue but it did not.

Model number: MiFi 5792
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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

so update...


Att (through main site chat support) has had me do the following:

reboot (didn't think of that one)

reset (didn't think of that one)

New SIM card form ATT Store

New Mifi Liberate device (warranty 2 day delivery).


Same issue.

So we know it isn't a defective unit, firmware, sim card or abuse.  Something on the "Network" causes the mifi liberate to flap between no service and "4gLTE (3 bars or more btw)" AFTER a device is connected (starts anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes after connecting)... then continues flapping every 10-20 seconds or so when trying to actually do something from the connected device (laptop, ipad, iphone, etc)... doesn't matter how many devices are connected.  


Somehting changed (for me) the day before thanksgiving.  


Also note, this device never leaves the house... it is my home internet wifi.  Uverse wasn't available.  


When i take the mifi to a different location (work for example... 10 miles away).. same results... so not a "signal strengh or tower specific issue".


ATT has created a "case" to their NW team and will contact me in 5-7 days (???).  So it will be 3 weeks without resolution and i'm paying a monthly fee for a service to which I cannot consume (and have no internet... can't work from home... can't work "on-call" during the holiday).

So Please ATT... either fix the issue, replace with a different model that will work, or let us out of our contracts so we can get something from another carrier that does work.  And since we can't use our device for weeks now, perhaps a credit of our monthy fees?



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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Here is an update on my situation.


It is not the Liberate at fault. It is the LTE network. I say this because this past weekend I got a Samsung Galaxy S4. Same problem with that. I did a speed test and get 0.1Mbps down and 0.09 Mbps up. That is pretty much the same with both the S4 and Liberate. I also bought a Unite and same problems at LTE. What is really nice about the Unite is that it has an option to set the Network Mode. The options are Auto, 4G LTE only, 4G only, 4g Preferred and  EDGE only. I changed my setting to 4G only and reran the speed test. I got 9.1 Mbps down and 1.11 Mbps up. Quite a bit of change. This also duplicates the results when I had AT&T lock down the Liberate to 4G only. The different options above are not available on the Liberate nor S4 to a user.


Again,all three devices show extremely low up and down rates on LTE. On 4G, it is quite a bit higher but still not LTE speeds.


The three devices again are the Liberate, Unite and Samsung Galaxy S4. 


This is really unacceptable. I am paying for LTE speeds and not getting it. It is time for AT&T to step up or start losing customers. Maybe I will be part of that group.

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

I want to rollback to 1.3 also, but I don't know how. Could you provide me with some direction?

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Another interesting thing... i was on the phone with the tech support last night... they "locked" the mifi to only use 4G (not LTE)... same issue... so not solely a LTE issue.

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Rolling back won't help... the issue started while i was on 1.2 (refused the firmware updates for fear of this very scenario)...  


It had been like that for 6 months... then suddenly started having the issues.

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Re: MIFI Liberate dropping signal

Adding my name to the list.  I'm on the third replacement device (MiFi 5792 - version 1.4).  Cycling with signal, then "no service", then signal...back and fourth.  I thought it was my local cell signal (though I'm in Memphis at a Fortune 100 company) but apparently the problem is the firmware once a connection is made.


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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Same problem, revisited. 12-16-2013

Problem re-emerged Thursday, after working for a month and a half. Unit stays connected for 10-30 seconds, then drops. After giving tech support a royal chewing, I was advised to get a new sim card. Knowing this wouldn't work, I opted to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

I'll note that AT&T's "american based, military veteran support" needs helpdesk training. I don't take kindly to support reps reading call scripts for DSL on a Mifi unit, then proceeding to address me by the incorrect name after verifying my social security number with AT&T for my identification. 

Friday, 12-13-2013, I went to the Paducah store, got the new sim card. Tested on LTE for 5-10 minutes, then it immediately started dropping like a rock. It started going from 3 bars of LTE to "No Signal> then device ready> connected> device dormant with no IP address".

So now i'm being changed over from the Liberate to the Netgear/SierraWireless AT&T Unite. It's supposed to arrive today. I'd advise all of you having problems in this thread to demand a different unit. 

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

If this was a car it would recalled already. LOL. I received my Unite and its working like a champ but no SD card for sharing files. When I complained to the urgent care rep about being told it did have one. He replied what do you want me to do? I can't make it do things it's not capable of. NO BUT YOUR COMPANY COULD BETTER TRAIN REPS NOT TO SAY SOMETHING THAT'S NOT TRUE OR AT LEAST LOOK IT UP. still have not received credit for my Internet overages from having to redownload files over and over on the the Liberate. But of course there's a policy against credited accounts. So I doubt I'll see that $30 but they'll expect me to pay my $300+ bill. This industry is so full of CUSTOMER DIS-SERVICE
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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

AT&T Unite is working fine, from what I can tell, Controls are nicer too, and the software works more like a router should, with blocking, mac address monitoring, ect. 


Only issue was that the ATT rep I spoke with Friday said that my current (brand new) micro sim card would work in the Unite. However, the Unite's sim card is the older, large sim card. So I called in and a nice gal, Melissa N, helped get me set up with the sim card transfer. 


I'll also note, that AT&T didn't send me any survey texts until after the Unite came in, and was set up with Melissa. AT&T must be only sending out surveys for customers with a good phone call or in store experience. 

I sent the link to this thread in my survey. Hope you all get Unite's before Christmas. 

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Update 12/17

After having them open a "NW" ticket last week... when I was told they would call me by Dev 17... 


The only call I received was a robocall while in traffic... to which I didn't respond indicating the issue was resolved... 


And called in today... only to be told they closed my case and it will be ANOTHER 3 DAYS.  

This has been going on since NOV 27.



Nov 27 - Mifi (worked for 6 months) started "Flapping" - no service / 3 bar 4G LTE (FW 1.2).

Nov 28 - updated FW to 1.3 then 1.4... same issue.

Dec 6 - chatted with support.. told to go get replacement SIM card from ATT store.

Dec 7 - replacement SIM card - same result.

Dec 9 - chatted with support... told i'd get a "Warranty" replacement Mifi via USPS

Dec 11 - replacement mifi.. swapped SIM, Battery, Cover... same issue.

Dec 12 - chatted with support... Opened "NW" case... told i'd hear back by Dec 17 (human, not robo call).

Dec 13 - called to confirm case was still open with Tech Line (because I received a robo call).. told it was still open... they tried a quick fix by "Locking" my device to only 4G (not LTE)... same issue.

Dec 16 - while driving in traffic... robocall... which i ignored.

Dec 17 - called tech line - told my "NW" case was closed... no one told me and even said why... Agent "reopened" existing case... will take 3 additional DAYS.


Beyond angry at this point.


This Mifi Hotspot is my home internet.  Uverse wasn't available in my new development at the time (even though my next door neighbor had it??).  So it was suggested that I buy this mifi to solve the need.  Has worked perfectly for 6 months.  Never leaves my house... sits on my desk... 


ATT.  I have not abused the device... I've jumped through your hoops.  Others have been given a different device to try (Unite)... i was told that WASN'T an option??  

You have me locked into a contract for a device/service I cannot use (no fault of my own).  I've been very patient.  But this needs to end.

Provide me an alternative that I can use immediately or release me of my contract... and refund me the pro-rated days i couldn't use the device... AND refund the pro-rated cost of the mifi-device itself.  That way i can at least buy something from a competitor that works.

Thank you.

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Isn't this forum managed by AT&T?  70 posts and over 25 THOUSAND views, and they've yet to offer a solution?  I am amazed at the lack of corporate responsibility.  It's time to fall on the sword, issue a recall, and offer a different model to everyone who has puchased this ___.  Yet they continue to bill the monthly charges as we are unable to use the device for anything but a paperweight.  Amazing study in market deafness.

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Hello bobjd,


I'm very sorry for the issues you're experiencing with your device. Forums are a peer to peer community, but we monitor them every day and escalate all issues and I assure you as soon as we have a solution we'll let you know. I apologize for a long wait. In a meantime, we work with users individually to troubleshoot and help with anything we can. Please send us a private message by clicking here and one of our managers will contact you to assist.


Thank you,


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*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Question for you Dmitry...

If it is a "known issue"...


Why is it when I call, they don't seem to know about it...and the "NW" case was closed without anything being done... but i'm expected to keep waiting?


I'm also curious why others have been provided an alternate solution (Unite device) but I was told that wasn't an option.  

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Update... 12/20


Called the support line...

Looked like the "NW" team couldn't find anything (and presumably closed my case AGAIN without communicating to me)...

After explaining again the situation and how we need to try a different model device, I'm being told to go to a warranty center near by to exchange the $200 paper weight (liberate) for a Unite device.


Fingers crossed.  Picking up the Unite today and am hopeful as others have indicated switching to that solved their issues... 


If this doesn't work, the only options left would be 1) ATT enables my my iphone to be a hotspot (but not losing my grandfathered unlimited data plan).  2) ATT releases me of my 5G wireless data plan on the Mifi liberate, refunds 3 weeks pro-rated credit for my monthly service, and refunds at least 1/2 of my $200 that i paid for the liberate.



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