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MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?


MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

My MIFI Liberate pushed the software update to 1.4 Tuesday of this week. It imediately started refusing the update, and finally I got it updated after about 3 master resets. After the update, the MIFI no longer stays registered to the HSPA+ network. It kicks off the network and registers to a new IP address after roughly 30 seconds to a few minutes. Obviously, this constant drop/network IP issue means the Mifi is utterly useless now. I already have had the one I updated Tuesday replaced, and the new replacement mifi unit is doing the same thing on HSPA+.  I also have a ticket into AT&T's network engineers to check out the issue. 

Is anyone else's Mifi not working after the update, or is it just my bad luck? It worked fine for 6 months on software 1.3. 

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

I've also opened a case:  [edited for privacy]


I've also sent a note to the team you suggested.  I received a call about my case today.  I was told it was a local outage problem - NOT.  I had beeps over a 400 mile trip!


Any word on what ATT is doing about this?

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

I have had mine for about 20 days,SAME EXACT PROBLEM. I have been to the ATT (company) store twice in the past 2 days, one day they reset it and today they replaced the sim change. I am past the 14 day deal so I am not sure what to do, the store basically said I was out of luck and there was nothing i could do. I am working overnights and as soon as I get back on a somewhat decent schedule I am lighting these fools up. I have been a customer for over 10 years with 4 phones on my plan......

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

I contacted the team as you suggested - five days ago and have not received a reply?? What's going on with this problem?
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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Same thing is happening to me. this is the second device and second SIM. What was once a great device is now utterly useless. AT&T or Novatel needs to rollback to SW ver 1.3 until this issue is resolved. I spend $300+ per month for phones and data. I get tired of calling in and having to go through the tech support troubleshooting for 30 minutes then go to tier 2 tech support. it is very frustrating. I will look at my options once my contract is up since tech support is lacking at a technology company but of course being a large company with millions of users they could care less. bring on the next batch of switchers. sorry for the rant but on the phone again with AT&T now and going to my third handoff. after 45 minutes. Is there a SCREAMING smiley Smiley Mad

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Having the same issues.  Replaced one unit, and second one never worked properly.  Today, I went to a AT&T Wireless store, to show issue to a representative.  They called tech support, who immediately were aware of the issue, and said there is no current workaround.  They essentially said that there is no solution, and a replacement would likely have the same issue as the first time.  "Sorry" said the local rep.  SMH.

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Having the same problems here! Beyond fustrating. Has anyone got a fix for this mess yet? If so could you post it and let us get on with our business..ATT aint helping as it clearly shows!

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

No resolution. I opened a case with AT&T tech support. They will respond within 48 hrs (yeah, right). I also contacted Novatel who refers me back to AT&T. I then contaced @MiFiHotspot via twitter and got no repsonse. All we need is for one of them to acknowledge there is a problem, give us a timeframe for a solution. Don't run and hide like we dont exist. Rollback to SW ver 1.3 until solution is available. IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT.

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Hello everyone,


Some connectivity issues that were mentioned in the beginning of this thread were later reported by those users as resolved, can you please clarify what issues you're experiencing and what troubleshooting have you performed? If any of you need to speak to a specialist about this issue, please send us a private message by clicking here with your name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

On the phone now. And they're wanting to swap equipment again. Nothing like chasing your tail for 2 weeks. This is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous!

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

CM20131119_7728380 is the case number. The device flips between FULL signal and No service for about 1 second and returns to full signal. Both devices the original and the swapped device are doing the same thing. Also swapped SIMs. It does this off and on sometimes 5 minutes  before it does it and sometimes 15 minutes. Have tried it on different connected devices and in device cities and locations. The device is stationary when it does this issue. So based upon process of elimination its not a tower issue, its not a SIM issue, or a device issue. So the only commonality is SW ver 1.4. But of course we're on the phone and theyre trying to swap equipment again. Thanks  AT&T I wasnt doing anything at all during these 3 hours of my life.

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Re: MIFI Liberate 1.4 update issues?

Ok, equipment swap has been halted. It has finally been kicked up to engineering. They will contact me to determine a solution. I will post the outcome. Thanks

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AT&T MiFi Liberate (Novatel 5792) firmware - v1.4 (L1.23.19 M1.23.9) opinion

MiFi Liberate (Novatel 5792) firmware - v1.4 (L1.23.19 M1.23.9)


Several months ago (9/18/13)  I purchased a Mifi through an AT&T store with accompanying service. The first device worked fine for 2 days and went "Belly up." AT&T replaced with a new device; no questions asked.


The second device worked fine, except I noticed that it was on firmware 1.1, and indicated multiple failures to updrade the firmware revision After posting a message on this forum, mysteriously the device recieved the update. It now is at v1.4 (L1.23.19 M1.23.9). This was in October.


Immediately, this device went stupid, all becuase of very buggy firmware. 1)The Data Usage indication works occasionally, displays a value sometimes, sometimes zero. Displays a countdown of the billing cycle; sometimes not. 2) The Admin Password can't be changed, and is stuck at "attadmin." 3) Cannot backup or restore saved configuration files. 4) gets very slow intermittantly. 5) displays HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Mifi configuration pages sometimes, 6) beeps frequently even when all sounds have been turned off, 7) Looses its Hotspot configuration half of the time when it turned off.


It has turned into a complete pain. I think this firmware was written and tested by the same people that were in charge of


There's no excuse for that lack of Quality Assurance. Definitely do not recommend it.

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MIFI will not update

Novatel Wireless Model 5792


Always says waiting for update but never does.  Is there a way to manually update?

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Re: AT&T MiFi Liberate (Novatel 5792) firmware - v1.4 (L1.23.19 M1.23.9) opinion

OK, I'm going to add a me too. I was going to reply using the MiFi but it decided to disconnect yet again just seconds before with that ever so nauseating "beep". I am tethered through my iPhone now. There is a bug in the 1.4 update. It is crap. How do I downgrade to 1.3 which worked reasonably well at least for what I want it to work for. Pretty much fed up with the current non-operation of the MiFi and starting to look into other internet options.


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Re: AT&T MiFi Liberate (Novatel 5792) firmware - v1.4 (L1.23.19 M1.23.9) opinion

Still not resolution at this point. Someone at urgent care is working on it. Here is a video of what this thing does throughout the day 

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