Lumia 920 still hasn't found GDR2 Update


Lumia 920 still hasn't found GDR2 Update

Hi, I have a lumia 920 and it still has not picked up the GDR2 update. I am still stuck on OS 8.0.10211.204. Is the update not rolling out to all areas at the same time? I live in central MA. Is the problem something with my phone? From reading in other threads on this site and WPCentral there seems to be a small group of us who just aren't getting the update.


Is there anything I can do to try and force the update? Not sure if it would matter but I bought my handset the day it was released, so it would be from the first batch sold by AT&T.

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Re: Lumia 920 still hasn't found GDR2 Update

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This is a standard ATT Nokia 920.  I have 6 920's on my plan and this is the only one that has yet to receive the update.  The software version is up to date, prior to GDR2-AMber.


When I click update, it says, no updates available.

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Re: Lumia 920 still hasn't found GDR2 Update

I was also given the runaround with which company to call. I was finally able to talk to a support manager who tried to figure out why my phone wasn't finding the update. Her final conclusion was to just bring it to an AT&T retailer to have them flash the phone to see if it would work. Very reluctant to lose all my data even though things are backed up.

I still keep checking everyday just in case.
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Re: Lumia 920 still hasn't found GDR2 Update

Have you had any luck yet?  I have a similar issue with my 920.  I've thought about trying the hard reset, has that worked for any of you?

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