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Lumia 920 + AT&T Customer Service = Horrible Experience!

Lumia 920 + AT&T Customer Service = Horrible Experience!

I've got my Lumia in December 30, 2012. And 8 Months lates I'm holding 4th Lumia 920 and it's defective again.


1. Original Lumia December 30, 2012

2. First replacement under 30 day replacement warrenty. Left side of the headphones didn't work. Device support center gave me my replacement but didn't document the case in the system. 

3. Few months later my front camera collected about 100 particles of dust and all the pictures became blurry. Obviousy it's Nokia/manufacturer defect. Replaced. 

4. Few month later came back with another problem, consistent dark 1/2 inch spot on all the pictures taken using my primary/back camera. Another replacement.

5. Couple of days ago got 1 pixel red line crossing vertically my screen from top to bottom. Also, few times I was late for work because I went to bed with fully charged phone and woke up to find out that my alarm didn't go off due to the fact that my battery is dead... in less then 7 hours on stand-by. 


Now, since my first replacement wasn't documented by the Device Support center I can't prove the replacement. Every time I need a replacement I have to back everything up, go to the device support center, spend hours waiting, get my replacement, setup phone again (backup doesnt restore everything), use my Data to retreave the content etc etc etc. Hours of my time waisted and AT&T still can't do anything. 


I've called and asked if I can get another replacement but a different model, phone anything - answer is no, due to the fact that one of the replacements wasn't documented. So I have paid for the phone which is now been replaced 4 times and obviously constantly failing. AT&T should provide better service for the money we are paying and take some responsability. 


Today, I'm going back to the device support center and going to talk to the manager. If the problem is not solved - I won't waste more of my time with AT&T and will terminate my contract and switch to any other carrier. 

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Re: Lumia 920 + AT&T Customer Service = Horrible Experience!

I have to agree that AT&T is awful in supporting their devices...both from a hardware and software standpoint

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Re: Lumia 920 + AT&T Customer Service = Horrible Experience!

I had the same sort of issue with Motorola Atrix.  After they finally decided that MY ISP was the issue as to why I wasn't getting email in a timely manner...they offered me a BB at a reduced rate.  Still cost me $200 to get something that I could get email on.  This was after 6 months of the same headache you are having.

Yes, I agree ATT's customer service is in the toliet.  Bring back Cingular!!

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Re: Lumia 920 + AT&T Customer Service = Horrible Experience!

When the 900 came out, I had a dead pixel and could type a few letters in landscape mode. I took it to at&t showed them the problem and they swapped it out for a new one. I haven't have any issues like you went through. If you're on a contract with your 920 and have insurance, they should be able to give you a replacement.
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Re: Lumia 920 + AT&T Customer Service = Horrible Experience!

How can you not prove you have a replacement.  They record all the phones you've ever had.  They have the IMEI numbers in their DB.  They can track when you got your current phone, and when you purchased the original.  The dates don't match, nor do the IMEI's. 


You just have be slightly insistent.  Do not accept their answer, and NEVER lose your temper.  Calm, cool, logical and right. 

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Re: Lumia 920 + AT&T Customer Service = Horrible Experience!

Believe me creativedsign, I understand your frustration. As an AT&T customer, I have seen and experienced my fair share of issues with support. Mainly issues with an old Android phone having horrible battery life and not having any way to get help from AT&T on it. Thankfully I haven't had any issues since moving to my NL920. As for getting your issue resolved, I can say the best way to fix it is to be persistent. And a word of advise from me, go to the actual store. Don't call as i've found my issue to get resolved in a much more timely manner if I wait in that line and speak to a rep in person. As they say "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"
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Re: Lumia 920 + AT&T Customer Service = Horrible Experience!

I'm on my 2nd Lumia 920 and ATTEMPTING to get a third, so far i'm being told there is nothing they can do for me so i filed a complaint, to be told i have options but when i go to try to the options-warranty replacement or upgrade and pay almost 300, i get told again nothing can be done to help me.  My battery will not hold a charge, will restart on its own, dropped calls, call random numbers.  I've had it charging all day and haven't used it, the battery is at 38%. Apparently my first phone was a refub, however this is nowhere in on my receipt or in the contract nor was i informed of this, along with my 2nd phone, so apparently the warranty is only good for 3 months on refurbs.  Then customer care informed me that my phone does not have insurance, even though i pay for it every month. I'm extremely frustrated as i just re-signed for 2 years at the end of may 2013 and by the end of june having to have the phone replaced, after trying for 2 weeks to get help by att, i ended up at a tech center. i'm 99.9% sure i'm going to cancel, terrible service and no one is willing to help me. i hate to cancel as i've been a long time wireless customer but i'm at the end of my patience with them... 

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