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Lousy Service - Is this news?

Lousy Service - Is this news?

AT&T. The world's largest 4G network. THE tower's down. I called and it may be up in a few days. They're "upgrading". Not, however, upgrading to 3G. The world's largest 4G network is going to stay with Edge (800 baud) for another year. Totally unusable (the AT&T website takes 33 minutes to load the main page).

All this for ONLY $220 a month. Yay. I sure wish we could get someone else.

US Cellular was great until we traveled. No data from Houston to Key West. All the others list service here as roaming. That is, we'll use AT&T's largest 4G network. It'd be cheaper though. Has to be.


I've joined Consumer Reports majority who consider AT&T the pits.

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Re: Lousy Service - Is this news?

Hello spectrumdata,


Are you experiencing those issues at home or everywhere? And has it always been like that or just started recently?


AT&T is in the middle of investing 14 billion dollars into it's infrastructure, with 8 billion being invested into it's wireless network. Network upgrades take time and a lot of work, and it sounds like they're already working on it in your area.


Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.




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Re: Lousy Service - Is this news?

You mentioned Houston and I'm curious which part. I am just Northeast of Houston and having similar problems. I've been told by four different phone reps the tower I am on is down and today was told they anticipated restore date for it is August 15th!!

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