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Long term customer really unhappy.


Long term customer really unhappy.

My family and I on this account ( have two) are really unhappy with certain aspects of AT&T. First of all our bill this month was more than my car payment. We don't even use the service that much. We called and after an hour they gave us a $16.00 credit. My son has a broken phone that I am paying $40.00 additional monthly for it, and now we have to wait two full years for an upgrade. I think we are going to get rid of all of our smart phones and cancel each line as the contract is up. We've had this account for more than ten years. It was originally a Cingular account. You would think customer loyalty means something, but it just really didn't feel like it today. Really sad customer.
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Re: Long term customer really unhappy.

Customer loyalty means absolutely nothing to them. They bought out every reputable small cellular company and now that they are a monopoly, they know you have no choice. $16 is all they think your family's business is worth. I'm sorry for your problems. Hope you have better luck with another company!
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Re: Long term customer really unhappy.

Actually there are a couple of options.  Insurance is always the first line of defense for broken phones. Assuming there is no coverage on your line, you can use any eligible upgrade for the replacement phone.  It does not have to be that line that is broke to spend an upgrade for another line on your plan. Check your account to see if any of your lines are eilgible to upgrade now with a discount.  Use one of those if  one is available.



Also, you don't have to purchase a replacement phone from AT&T, you can get a replacement phone,  from eBay, Target, Wal Mart or any other vendor of AT&T phones.   Any AT&T compatible phone would work, even  one that is laying around the house from a former upgrade since you have been with them a long time, you can re activate a phone you own now as well. 



If a cross upgrade is not an option, you might want to see what can be done when you all into Customer Servcie and ask for the "Retention" department.  They have more tools to work with customers that have been there a long time, and might be the solution to your problem.  




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Re: Long term customer really unhappy.

Sorry to hear about your issues. Not sure how much is your car payment, I think you best you give a more exact number, how lines you have, etc to better help you.


As for your son's broken phone; I don't really think that is AT&T's fault; either I take care of my device or I buy a replacement if I break mine. Insurance is something to consider if buying a phone is a large out-of-pocket expense.


As for loyalty; you really won't find any major carrier in the world who really cares about customer loyalty these days. You'll find the same level of support from any other one you switch to.


My opinion is to pick the best carrier coverage that you need.

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