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Little Falls, NJ - OUTSTANDING support and experience


Little Falls, NJ - OUTSTANDING support and experience

We just ported five lines over from Verizon this week and I did it in person at the AT&T store in Little Falls, NJ. It was among the best customer service experiences I've had. Not only did the store rep - Richard - take the time to make sure the entire, time-consuming process went smoothly, but the store manager drove to a neighboring store to pick up a 0.99 iPhone 4S that they didn't have in stock at his store.


Also, I'd mentioned how the last time we'd had AT&T that the service in our actual home was very poor. I'd talked to the store rep about the possibility of using a Microcell if it happened again. He told me to go home, check it out and if the issues existed in the house, he'd see what he could do. Well, turns out that in-home reception is still poor (it was with Verizon too btw) and he set me up with a free Microcell.


After a few years struggling with Verizon's shoddy 3Gs speeds, I was looking forward to returning to the AT&T fold. This experience made that decision to switch seem even better. Just wanted to say thanks.

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Re: Little Falls, NJ - OUTSTANDING support and experience

That's awesome! Glad to hear of such a positive experience. Like you, if I come across customer service that is extraordinary (and almost unbelievable, in a way) I make sure to acknowledge it. I was very surprised to read that the store manager drove his own car to a neighboring store to make sure that you had everything you needed.

Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Little Falls, NJ - OUTSTANDING support and experience

I have to agree! We recently ported back from being with Verizon 3+ years. We had poor 3G speeds and no LTE at our home with Verizon. Now that we are back with At&t, we are enjoying LTE at home and on the road. We went to our local store in Pittsburgh and the rep was extremely helpful and beyond nice. We brought our own devices to At&t and are now saving over $45 monthly with the new share value plan. Oustanding! So glad to be back with At&t!

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Re: Little Falls, NJ - OUTSTANDING support and experience

Thank you so much for sharing your great experiences guys! @sangs , I will send your feedback to a store and area manager, I'm sure they'd love to see it. @Benzie , if you want, you can send me a private message with more details, like the store location and a representative's name and I will share your feedback with their management too.


Thanks again,


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