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Lies and Lack of INTEGRITY


Lies and Lack of INTEGRITY

Same thing different customer, been with them for 20 years..... Had one line and same plan, year and a half ago i called in to ask about adding another line to my account and was given a plan and pricing. I told the rep indeed, sign me up. The lies have never stopped I was never able to get the plan promised. Had to drop from 750 to 400 minutes so that I could get the price they quoted. Had the line for a year, had my "unlimited mobile to mobile" change to ATT to ATT only while being told "your plan is staying the same, with Unlim mobile to mobile, just as it was" (Definately not confusing on my end). Again 20 years of service for nothing, they gave me a plan just like a customer off the street would get, they clarified that things would be as they were then only so the next person I could speak with could say "NO" that would "NEVER Happen" "Our reps would not put it across to you like that".... Uh they did, and a customer cannot even make a complaint or have means to defend what they were told directly by "Att". After almost 2 years of pain, because I decided to add someone onto my plan. I also got my "Upgrade" eleigibility moved back from 2 years to 2 years-6 months, so I gave up. I called and said what do i need to do to cancel. I have a "family plan" with 2 lines, they told me pay your last month (pro-rated) and a one time 195.99 cancellation fee for the account, to which I replied "per line, or per my whole account".... easily clarified to "195.99 total for the whole sha-bang". I get the bill 2x(195.99) and "Of couse the fee is per line" there is nothing we can do. They interrupted me 3 times over to explain why there were 2 cancellation fees, but when I explain they said, "No, our reps would not have given you that info" They did, im just so tired and so happy to not be funding there salaries every month I dont care. I am going to pay to leave them, but I had to leave them because im tired of them saying "Sorry we must have miscommunicated".... not the case... I have to act like a child talking to a child to make sure they is NO possible way we are miscommunicating.


Just wanted to say thanks one more time for throwing a dedicated 20+ year customer into a ditch and thinking a "sorry" would make them feel better when everything they noted or made sure of the last time they spoke to you, is going to be explained to them as "A LIE".... Hope global wifi gets figured out and your all out of a job, you lying underhanded, insignifigant "Cellular provider" Enjoy my second cancellation fee, and know that the only thing that makes it alright is that 200$ is the last you will ever get out of my bank account EVER!

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Re: Lies and Lack of INTEGRITY



I'm very sorry about issues you're having. I can see that it's a very serious problem and I understand why you're upset, but we have a social media support team of managers, and if you want, we can give your situation a second look and see if there is anything we can do to help. If you decide you want us to check for you, please send us a private message by clicking here with your name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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