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LTE Detroit


LTE Detroit

Anyone have any idea when LTE will come to Detroit? In December, AT&T store said Q1 and obviously that didn't happen.
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Re: LTE Detroit

I don't know why they told you that;they have no access to that information
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Re: LTE Detroit

i bet u was buying a 4g LTE Phone at the time at&t told you that!

I think AT&T, Verizon, Sprint And T-Mobile Are Crooks...

like why do we pay a separate price for voice, data and text messages when its all Digital?

Remember back 10 years ago when most people cell phone bill was $40 plus Tax? now we pay about $90 plus tax!

i pay $170 for 2 Phones on at&t and i still dont have LTE(in Detroit) i was told by a at&t sales person when i bought my samsung galaxy sII Skyrocket back in novenber of 2011 that it would get android 4.0 update the first of the year and LTE would be coming to detroit in the 1Q.  Well its the mid of july and no LTE but we did just get Android 4.0

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Re: LTE Detroit

I am on the west side of Michigan and the network here has been sporadic lately. That is usually a sign that the LTE network is being tweaked based on posts from others from markets before LTE was live.  I would bet the LTE is coming in the next few weeks?


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Re: LTE Detroit

Now that you mention it, I was in northern michigan this weekend and the network was a bit buggy. However, I don't believe that LTE will be up there anytime soon, but I think your theory is a good one and hopefully metro Detroit where I live will get it soon. Before the iPhone 5 is launched I would hope/think
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Re: LTE Detroit

Try coming to the U.P.  We don't even have 3G yet.  But when I bought my new OneX, the friendly folks at ATT told me that "3G is coming by the end of July".  I will take bets now to see if there is a 3G icon on my device on August 1.

But we have no recourse.  We are tied into two year agreements and can't do a thing about it.


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Re: LTE Detroit

Had the LTE icon for about an hour yesterday.  Did a speedtest at 5:00 pm and got 12 down and 12 up.  At that hour on 3g+ I would normally pull between 3-7 down and 1 up. 

So, not only is it right around the corner, but it seems it will be a vast improvement.

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Re: LTE Detroit

That is great to hear, what area were you in?

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Re: LTE Detroit

It should be by sep
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Re: LTE Detroit

Do you have any info which leads you to believe by Sep?

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Re: LTE Detroit

A friend that works for AT&T and lives near that area. He said they are really striving to get it within the next few months. Of course, it could get delayed but it's def on the agenda
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Re: LTE Detroit

Thanks, that is great to know.  Can you keep us posted if you get any additional info?

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Re: LTE Detroit

If I hear anything else I will post it here.
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Re: LTE Detroit

Please remember that though we are working diligently to provide LTE service across the nation, no release dates have been announced. You can keep an eye on this page ( for updates about LTE service. 


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Re: LTE Detroit

I am on lte again as I type this. I am in Riverview southwest of Detroit.
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