Just wanted to write Att blowz...


Just wanted to write Att blowz...

...service, customer service, employee product knowledge. I'm a dept head in retail. If I or my employees were as stoopid/badly trained/indifferent as the Att employees I've encountered in person and on the phone I/we would be unemployed. Would people continue to shop in a store that took your money and then ignored or refused to help when a problem arose? I think not. I am about to walk into my nearest Att store and tell them to stick it. I am so angry at this time I'm almost speechless. Almost. And, I can't wait to tell as many people as I can about my experiences...
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Re: Just wanted to write Att blowz...

Hello lhmwrench,


I'm sorry you had some bad experiences with AT&T. What issues are you having? This Community might be able to help.




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