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Its all in how you communicate with AT&T

Its all in how you communicate with AT&T

hi there!  How r u guys doing?  I've been a ATT customer for awhile now. There are some cell carriers in order to get a new phone (cause it just isn't working for u) u have to break your contract and pay a fee THEN pay a new activation fee.  BUT with ATT they had an upgrade eligibility link online so i used that to upgrade from Android (which after a few months personally didn't like the interface so i was able to order a iphone 5s so easily online with no fuss.  all this done paying less then i expected. Thanks to this i found a great phone expirence in iPhone 5s.


I read in these forums that a lot of people are complaining to ATT.  Maybe your not finding the right way to communicate with ATT?


For me: it harder to be in a voice call with ATT just cause it takes me awhile for me to voice my thoughts. BUT with ATTs online txt chat in every department, i gather my thoughts faster and the representative on the other end knows what im getting across. And through chat i was about to get the personalize plan that is just for me! and because of this chat technology with ATT i found the band of phone i love! Plus a way to communicate that makes me want to stay with ATT for years to come. ATT continue to make online chat better cause thats the way i best communicate.


Thanks again!

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Re: Its all in how you communicate with AT&T

Thank you for sharing your feedback Caretaker1379. I use an online chat with many companies, it's definitely very a convenient option.



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Re: Its all in how you communicate with AT&T

well i think the more personalization a company can do and the more info they can share with the their customers is always best for the customer and companies.  i've delt with companies that do great services but their customer service is like: umm do you even care about what i talked or typed about. i know you gave me a two word answer but do you realize that i can tell friends about your company and have them be potential customers.


so far AT&T is getting high marks on their caring for their customers. like i said: treat companies the way you want to be treated and for the most part you will have a great experience.

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