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Iphone 4 Not receiving text messages


Iphone 4 Not receiving text messages

I have been unable to recieve text message for the past 36 hours.  I can however recieve calls, emails and MMS messages. I contacted AT&T and was advised this was a nationwide issue and they are working on it. However I have several friends with Iphone 4 phones and are not having this issue.


Any ideas?

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Re: Iphone 4 Not receiving text messages

For those who seem to think their threatening to switch to Verizon is an end-all, try surfing on a few pages of Verizon's user site. See if their subscribers think Verizon has no problems, and if its as la-la land as many of you seem to think it is. 

I've had Verizon's cellular service. I can tell you the AT&T experience, including their customer service, is exceedingly better in many respects. I'd never go back to Verizon, and there are a whole lot of former customers of theirs who'll tell you the same.

If your answer to every perceived slight with a company is to change providers, you're going to be a very busy person.

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Re: Iphone 4 Not receiving text messages

This thread is two weeks old, but this describes exactly what is happening to me today.


My husband sent me at least 20 texts today - I got none of them.  The last text I received was 24 hours ago.


I sent myself a pic message from his phone just now as a test & it came through. (I don't get many MMS messages without a corresponding SMS.)


Was there any actual fix for anyone here?  Did all the old messages come through when it was finally fixed?

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Re: Iphone 4 Not receiving text messages

I just discovered that my iPhone 4 hasn't been sending or receiving messages since late June, which is a great big bummer because I thought there were no replies to some important text messages in the meantime. I also have a BlackBerry Torch that I use primarily, which has worked flawlessly on a separate account and that’s why I didn’t notice that the iPhone wasn’t working properly. Since making the discovery I have tried everything recommended to solve the problem, but without success.

Some of these posts refer to credit for lost service, but I am much more concerned about the missing messages that have resulted in a loss of $5,125 to me so far and counting plus attorney fees. AT&T, are you listening?


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Re: Iphone 4 Not receiving text messages

You need to turn off your imessage (iphone to iphone) and use standard text to make it work. however, so does your friends. What a pain. This happened after the new software download.
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Re: Iphone 4 Not receiving text messages

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