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International Phone Unlock


International Phone Unlock



I was in America for a 3month holiday (in Sept) and I needed a new phone so I went into an AT&T store.  I planned on purchasing a Galaxy S3 and since I knew I was going back to Australia I asked the store representative if I could unlock it when I was leaving for Australia, the answer was if you buy the phone outright then you can unlock it any time you need to.  I then purchased the phone. 

3 months later I went back into the store and I asked to get my phone unlocked.  They said did you buy the phone outright. Yep, Ok then just do it online.  I did it online and it said 7 days.  Hopped on the plane and waited.  It was declined after 8 days.  I called up and asked what the problem is and they said we'll just make a case and do it manually should be done within 2-3 business days.  Called up after 4 business days after not hearing anything and said what's the problem.  They said oh it was meant to be 7 business days.  Called up after 7 business days and asked whats the problem.  They said should be done any second now.  Recieve an email after 9 days saying it was declined.  Called up and they said I missed my phone call, I said it was disconnected as there is no reception in America and you have my email address.  I asked to speak to supervisor.  They said there was no information in the case other than asking for unlock and didn't say I was in Australia, they said I'll create a new case and put all the information in.  Called up after 8 days and said what's the problem.  Oh there wasn't a case created.  Asked to speak to manager.  Said couldn't unlock for 6 months due to phone needed to activated that long before unlocking.  I was upset at this point as multiple people said I could get it unlocked and I only bought the phone since sales rep at store said I could get it unlocked. Asked to speak to the supervisor's manager, (this was on a Sunday in Australia and Sat in America).  He said he was the highest person I could speak to.  I asked to speak to another manager as he said this was the only thing I could do.  He said he was the only manager on the floor.  I recalled and got onto a different manager who said he would create a new case and I just needed to prove I bought it outright and to send my reciept in to an email address.  Did that and waited.  Called back to see the problem they said case was still pending.  After 9 days I called back, asked for manager, asked for his manager, explained problem then asked for his manager, explained problem and she said she would make a case explaining my problem and said she can't guarantee but it should be accepted.  Said I needed this resolved ASAP as I need it for work and it has already been a month from when I first wanted unlocked.  Asked for her manager.  She said her boss would call me back within 24-48 hours yet haven't recieved a call after 5 days. 


This has cost me 200 international minutes and over 1 month of a useless phone for something that I got told before I purchased would be able to do whenever I wish as I bought it outright.  I need this phone unlocked ASAP as this is turning into fraudulant business practises as I only bought the phone due to the fact it could be unlocked.

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Re: International Phone Unlock

The phone needs to be 6 months old since activation before you can process an unlock code. Since you activated the phone september, it would not be eligible until march. they already stopped unlocking phones since last year due to abuse. The only way is thru a website. on march go to this website and process the unlock code ,unlock code will be sent thru email
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Re: International Phone Unlock

 Since you are in Australia now,and you need your phone to unlocked ASAP.
 Maybe some local mobile phone shop  can help you??


  But after you get it unlocked. Your phone maybe only work with 2G & 3G in Australia..



  • 1800Mhz/ 900Mhz (Telstra, Optus,Virgin & Vodafone)
  • 2100MHz (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone) 
     4G  not work , Your phone come with
  • 700 (band 17), 1700/2100 (band 4) MHz
     But in Australia,this is the band they use
    • 2100Mhz (B1)  – Telstra (3G spectrum)
    • 1800Mhz (B3) – Telstra, Optus, Vodafone
    • 900Mhz (B8) – Telstra
    • 2300Mhz (B40) – Optus (Vivid wireless spectrum)
      Last year I come and visit Sydney & Brisbane in Australia,I can only use 2G on all the phones I brought in North America.Smiley Indifferent

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Re: International Phone Unlock

Hi KingDavidII


I apologize for all the confusion with having a device unlocked with us. In most cases it requires to have at least 6 months of active service with AT&T prior to a device being unlocked.


I would recommend that you send a Private Message to  ATTCustomerCare is part of the AT&T customer service team, They may be able to resolve your Issue. You can expect a reply via return PM(Blue envelope top right of screen) between the hours of 7am-10pm CST Monday - Friday, should hear back within 2 to 3 business days. - This should prevent more phone calls and they will be able to look at the case status and work on it for you.


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Re: International Phone Unlock

I m really sorry you have to go through this. The unlock policy was change and the new one is being effective since mid October. It might have been possible to get the device unlocked with just the proof of purchase prior to the change. Based on what you described, unless some special consideration is made you are not getting anywhere. Also the phone has to be used on the network for 6 months meaning your account must be active for the phone to be active on it. So coming March you may still have issue if it's not showing the imei is linked to your phone number for a total of 6 months. You can always try using a third party service to get it unlocked, but keep in mind that there's a slight chance it may damage the phone. I hope you find someone that have the access to override this rule for you if it's possible.
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