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Insurance and Protection pack.


Insurance and Protection pack.

Hi, I'm just curious.
I received my bill for the month and I recently got a new iPhone a few months back with it i bought the protection plan in At&t. I woke up today my phone's volume bar is missing and when I receive calls it's all messy.
Before I contact the at&t support I want to know one thing.
In my bill, using family plan, the protection plan i purchased($9.99 monthly) is under the number of my sibling instead of my own number.
Does that mean that they put the protection under her and not the iPhone i purchased along the protection, my number?
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Re: Insurance and Protection pack.

Mobile Protection Pack($9.99) along with Mobile Insurance($6.99) are per line, so the name is not the determining factor, but which like the Mobile Protection Pack is placed on. Hopefully you have either Mobile Protection Pack or Mobile Insurance on all lines. If you have a Family Plan of say 4 phones, but only one line is covered by one of these, then only that line has protection if anything does ever happen.


Mobile Protection Pack

Mobile Protection Pack goes steps beyond Mobile Insurance. Your life is on your device – your photos, videos, contacts.  With Mobile Protection Pack, you can relax and feel secure knowing you’re are covered.When you need to replace or locate your device, restore your data, or get expert support you can count on, Mobile Protection Pack covers your device and the “life” you have on it*.
Technical limitations may prevent certain features (e.g., lock and alarm) from working on all devices.
You have 30 days after activating your new device to enroll in Mobile Protection Pack.

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Insurance and Protection pack.

When you got the phone, did you get it under your sibling's upgrade? If so, you would have had to let att know that you need the insurance on your phone number.  The insurance follows the phone number, so if you don't have mobile insurance on your line, the phone would not be covered. 


What your describing sounds more like it could be a  warranty issue. Contact warranty support first for troubleshooting to see what they say. Their number is 1 800 801 1101

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