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I am so glad I switched to AT&T. I made the right choice.


I am so glad I switched to AT&T. I made the right choice.

I've been stuck with Verizon for about five years. I have never been so unhappy. They lie to their customers and betray them. I was supposed to have grandfathered unlimited internet, but they lied and told me if I switched phones I would lose it.


Also, the phone I bought from them (Droid Bionic) was the worst, slowest phone I've ever owned in my entire life. The problem was that I couldn't upgrade it or else I'd lose unlimited internet--and pay MORE than I was paying then.


I was paying $120 for unlimited internet. If I upgraded my phone, I'd pay $200 for the phone + $30 upgrade fee + $125 a month for 2gb data plan ... $5 more than I paid for Unlimited!


Luckily, AT&T was there for me. I was nervous at first because I've been with the same carrier for so many years that the thought of switching terrified me (I was frightened of change) but Verizon pushed me over the edge.


Well, with AT&T Next, I paid $0 down for a 2GB plan that turned out to be far cheaper than what Verizon was offering. The customer service in activating the phone was kind and helpful. The 4G speed is faster, and I was able to walk away with my dream phone (Galaxy S4) which is about 5 times as fast as the phone I currently had.


For anyone here who has crappy Verizon and wants to join an actually decent company, I suggest switching to AT&T.

I will say this: when you're with one carrier for many, many years, the thought of changing can be terrifying. But if you're not happy with your current provider, sometimes you need to take that plunge. AT&T gave me $100 credit for switching over which helped ease the pain.



10/10 service. Loving it so far.


P.S. Verizon is awful and I will never use anything from them again for as long as I live.

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Re: I am so glad I switched to AT&T. I made the right choice.

Welcome aboard! Smiley Happy


A good tip I can give you to ensure a great customer experience is always, always fully read and understand what you're signing up for (with and in any company, not just at&t).


A knowledgable customer is a valuable customer.



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Re: I am so glad I switched to AT&T. I made the right choice.

Hello @Parogar Welcome to the Forums!


Thank you for your feedback! Please feel free to stop by whenever you have a question or want to learn more about your new service and equipment.




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