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Huawei Fusion 2 Not Working


Huawei Fusion 2 Not Working



I have recently gotten a GoPhone, the AT&T Fusion 2. I used it for a few days, and it was working perfectly. But then there was an update, so I decided to update. It was updating, and it finished, and rebooted. After rebooting, the phone was stuck on the AT&T boot logo.


I left it there for around 20 minutes, thinking it was part of the update. Even after this time, it was still not working. So I took out the battery, and put it back, and turned it on, but it still did not work.


What happened here, and how do I fix this problem? Thanks in advance.



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Re: Huawei Fusion 2 Not Working

Was it some type of Android OS update? Gingerbread/Ice Cream Sandwich or something of that sort?

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Re: Huawei Fusion 2 Not Working

try holding down the power on botton and the up valume botton at the same time after it is turned off. it may be the down valume botton hold them both for a bit till it goes into recovey mode.  in there look to clear the cache and any other ones and even go to advance in the menu and look for others that say to delete or clear, the go back to beginning and do a recovery. that should make it work.,  or if not look for the offical release of this firmware and have it reinstalled.  



 im looking for the offical release of this firmware as well.. mine stopped working as well.  i dont know if att has released the firmware yet, but lots of us need it.. please att, release the offical firmware for us as you have with other firmwares and please update us all with ice cream sandwish.   

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