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How to stop data usage alert texts?


How to stop data usage alert texts?

"In most cases, yes, you will receive data usage alerts when you reach 65% and 90% of your data plan. In some cases, you could miss an alert if you are in the middle of a data session (such as downloading a movie) when you surpass 65% or 90% of your allotted data usage for a given billing cycle."


So How do I stop these annoying texts from waking me up at 1AM in the morning?  No I can not turn off my phone since my work requires me to be on call 24x7.

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Re: How to stop data usage alert texts?

Hello, steph280!


Thanks for your post! If you would like to opt out of AT&T's data usage alerts, simply reply to the text message with the word STOP.




For more information, simply click on the link below.


AT&T Alerts FAQ


Let me know if that helps!



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