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How to add data package?


How to add data package?

My gophone is in the 10 cents/min  

I have a iphone,Now I would like add a $5=50MB mobile data. How to add it?

I want to continue the 10 cents/min with the 50MB package.

I need pay $5=50MB every month (50MB every month) or I just pay $5=50MB in 90days?(50MB in 90days)



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Re: How to add data package?

There's no way you can add any data package to the 10c/min plan if you're using an iphone/smartphone. WI-FI is your only option.



The 50MB data package can ONLY be added to the $25 plan, There's no data allotment included in the $25 plan. So if you want to use data, you have to buy the 50MB package.


You need to pay the $5=50MB every month, any balance remaining will rollover if you add before package expires. (packages are independent to the plan and their 30 day period will only start when you add the package)

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