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How do I get my phone cut back on?


How do I get my phone cut back on?

I ran into financial hardship and also ended up in the hospital, so my phone got cut off from neglect.  It took a bit, but I raised the money to get it cut back on, plus the $40 reconnect fee they said I would have to pay.  I still haven't heard from them, and when I call, I'm put on hold forever.  Is there anyone who can help me?  I can't call accept at work and at my parents', becuase I have no phone.  What can I do to get my phone cut back on?  Thanks.


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Re: How do I get my phone cut back on?

Even though phone is still off you should still be able to call 611 which will transfer you to the correct department since your phone is off and then you can speak with a representive about the payment you made and about getting your service restored or when it will be restored, usually the restore process takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes but can take anywhere from 1-2 hours sometimes up to 24 hours behind on the network and the billing system and what AT&T can do on there end

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