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How do I get a new SIM card?


How do I get a new SIM card?

I have the 10 cent per minute plan in a smartphone that has a regular size SIM card slot (I inserted the SIM from my previous phone, a feature phone, into the smartphone).


I'll be getting a new smartphone soon that has a microSIM slot.  

I have a SIM card and need to get a microSIM card and have my GoPhone plan and number transferred to the new card.  


When I got to an AT&T corporate store, do I need to take my new phone in with me or can I just take my current SIM with me?  

I have the 10 cent per minute plan so I'm afraid that if I take my new phone in, they will not let me get a microSIM card because they'll see that it is a smartphone.


I need to know what the process is like when you get a new SIM card.   Will they ask if I have a smartphone?

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Re: How do I get a new SIM card?

It seems that everyone runs into this problem eventually. Why can't they just keep the SIMs the same size?! Smiley Tongue

Personally, when I upgraded my smartphone that had a standard sized SIM to one that uses a microSIM, I didn't want to deal with AT&T, either. I just went on eBay and purchased a microSIM cutter. It's as easy as using a stapler. It was under $4.00, too. I'll be using it again pretty soon to upgrade another phone.

If you insist on going into a corporate store to get your new SIM, all you really need is the SIM itself. It would be helpful to bring in both phones, however. If they say something to you about the $0.10 per minute plan not being compatible, then I would just suggest buying a microSIM cutter and doing it yourself. They will know that you will be using a smartphone because regular non-smartphones do not use microSIM cards. Chances are that you'll probably be okay. Just don't say too much if you can help it. Smiley Wink

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