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How can I unlock my account?

How can I unlock my account?

I am an international student so I don't have a SSN.


(maybe) one year ago, I tried to sign up to the at& with my wireless number, and it said I had to put a SSN.

Because I don't have it, I put any numbers three times in there and finally my account was blocked.


Today, I make an account of at&t access ID and I try to link my phone number to this account, then it says my phone account is blocked. The error code is SAL705. Even if I want to connect live chat support, I cannot connect to it because I don't have any linked account.


How can I reactive my wireless account and link it to my at&t access ID??

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Re: How can I unlock my account?

Me too! 

Me too!
Me too!

This site is ridiculous. I can't link my account. I need help, but the only way to get online help is to your account linked. This site sucks. This is the only thing about Att that I ca't stand. This site in not user friendly.

I asked my mother to transfere the phone I have from her name into mine. I wanted to do online for conviencence and so I could 18 bucks. But I got my mothers SSN wrong and -wham bam- now its locked and for good.  I could see locking it for a certain amount of time but seriously for good. Now I have to find sometime between work, school, and my mother's scheduel to go to the att store. 

People make mistakes att, we are human!


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