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Horrible Customer Service!!!!!!!!!

Horrible Customer Service!!!!!!!!!

I just tried to help our exchange student reload her go phone account.  We ALWAYS have to speak to customer service because her "zip code" is not recognized because her billing address is in Spain.  It is HER credit card and HER ATT service (we are no longer customers).  We always have to go through the automated line first and then we are finally connected to an agent.  Tonight we had the "WONDERFUL" pleasure of being serviced by Maranda #{Personal content removed}.  Our student was asked if she were reloading her phone, she replied yes, she was asked if it was for 25 dollars and she said yes.  She was asked her last name and our student hesitated for a moment because she was expecting to be asked her first name.  She has several last names as many Spainards do, she stated the last name that she uses and then spelt the name for clarification.  Then she was asked her first name ( the question was stated very quickly and not clearly ) our student was not sure of what was asked and Maranda said "your name your name how difficult can it be".  This was stated in a very high pitched, condensending tone of voice and startled our student so much that she dropped the phone.  I then stepped in and started speaking to her in a very controlled tone of voice (I WAS NOT HAPPY).  She then responded very quickly and was backtracking stating that she thought our student was talking to someone else and not answering her.  The times she was talking to someone else was me and she was looking for clarification as to what Maranda had said.  I do not care if she WAS talking to someone and WAS ingnoring this customer service agent, there is ABSOLUTLEY no reason to treat anyone that way!!!!!!!! 


Every time we call in to add money to her service we have to go about this different ways.  Sometimes they will not talk to me because I am not the card holder, the last two times they refuse to speak to her because she is not 18, even though it is HER card that is paying the bills.  This is not customer service, this is customer abuse.  There is no excuse even if every other phone call recieved before this one was by very rude and disrespectful people, if they were that way perhaps it is because of the way they were treated the last time they spoke to someone at AT&T. 


My sign in name may be rainbowsandunicorns but that is only because every appropriate word that discribed my feelings came back as already in use, what does this say about your customer service.



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Re: Horrible Customer Service!!!!!!!!!

Hello, rainbowsandbutterflies!

Thanks for posting. I'm very sorry to hear about your recent experience refilling your exchange student's GoPhone account. Rudeness is not tolerated, and I would be happy to forward your comments. 


If you have any more details about the rep you spoke to, please send them to me in a private message by clicking here. If there is anything else we can do, please let me know. 


Once again, I apologize for the frustration.



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Re: Horrible Customer Service!!!!!!!!!

i have been dealing with their horrible custimer service for 3 days now havent talked with someone who could help me yet. i have been placed on hold many times told i was sent to wrong place transfered back to same place . just a bunch of crap. one day i tried at 100 pm to get thru and at 515 i was placed on hold by a manager who never picked the phone back up so at 6:30 i hung up to call back and they were closed . 2nd day i was told by superviser he would call me back in 3 min 3min and STILL NO CALL back. will never use at&t again for anything . trying as i type to get a hold of someone and still nothing. i would really appreciate some one call me on my phone ***, and please be someone that can do something ,most likely cancle all my services aith at&t i absolutly hate at&t at the moment HATE



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Re: Horrible Customer Service!!!!!!!!!

att sucks at putting customer first, i am so suprised they are still in business. will never tell anyone anyhting good about you.very unsatisfied customer . not for much longer i hope as i will cancel as soon as i can speak with someone that has a brain.

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