HTC titan 1 cant send MMS messages


HTC titan 1 cant send MMS messages

i'm currently using straighttalk and i added the apn settings they showed for my phone which enabled internet on my phone, however i still cant send MMS messages, ive looked online and i downloaded the connection app and changed the carrier to Tracfone but it still doesnt work does anyone know why this is or what to do to fix it?


my phone shows 


User name


Proxy server/URL

Proxy port

it doesnt have some of the other settings they show so im not sure if those are wrong


straighttalks Apn settings are 




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Re: HTC titan 1 cant send MMS messages

Hello Scorpion,

Unfortunately, there are two issues here. The HTC Connection Set-up app does not provide the necessary values for StraightTalk and there is no way for you to manually update the MMSC Settings.

I vaguely remember reports of people having success using "Consumer Wireless" as the carrier in HTC Connection Set-up, since they use the generic att.mvno settings. You may want to give that a try, although you may run into a few issues, you could probably revert to the Tracfone settings.
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Re: HTC titan 1 cant send MMS messages

[ Edited ]

These settings may or may not be of help...


...and this app...


Note I have not yet switched to Straigt Talk or tried these settings yet so as always YMMV...

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Re: HTC titan 1 cant send MMS messages

I dont see an option for an MMS APN anywhere, i just see edit apn under settings>cellular>edit APN, ant thats it, if there is another location to add an mms apn please let me know because i do not see that anywhere

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