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HTC 8X language


HTC 8X language

I got HTC 8X which is unlocked but it seems that it support English and Espanol only. I wonder if I can get Arabic language support for HTC PM23300.
Software V. 3030.0.34101.502

I appreciate your help. Thanks

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Re: HTC 8X language

Definitely WP8 supports Arabic.


"The specific languages included in your phone depend on your mobile operator or phone manufacturer."


You can select a different language for your keyboard which will allow you to write in Arabic, but your phone OS will still be limited to the ones supplied by HTC


Use Settings->Keyboard->add keyboards


The only way to get Arabic on the 8X is to find a rom that has it, and flash that. The AT&T/US rom doesn't have it. That's not a trivial thing to do, and isn't discussed on this forum.

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