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Grandfathered plan eliminated?


Grandfathered plan eliminated?

I've been on the old "Smartphone 10c/min" plan for several years now, grandfathered since AT&T eliminated it, getting PAYG rates but still able to buy data packs when I need them. I just went to PAYGOnline to buy a data pack, but found that my plan is now called "10c/min NO PPU DATA". It still links to the GSP1 page above, but now I can only buy a 50MB data pack for $5, not the cheaper-per-MB rate (equivalent to 100MB for $5) that were in the original plan. Eliminating a grandfathered plan is really bad form, AT&T. Now I have to pay more per MB. Not impressed. Not happy.
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Re: Grandfathered plan eliminated?

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Re: Grandfathered plan eliminated?

AT&T has changed their prepaid plans several times (too many, in my opinion) within the last year or so. Unfortunately, this was a bad move on their part because so many people were able to take advantage of the somewhat "generous" data packages. Now customers are stuck with a very limited selection of data packages with a low data allotment. Tsk tsk...

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