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Going from GoPhone to Mobile Share plan, keep the number

Going from GoPhone to Mobile Share plan, keep the number


I am using AT&T GoPhone currently. At the end of this month, I plan to join my friend's Mobile Share plan. He will be the primary account holder. I want to join this plan and keep my number. (It says that it is possible here: click). We are located in different parts of the country, so going to the store together is not feasible.

I spoke to customer service and found that when my friend is doing the transfer process, he must have the AT&T Store Rep call me and verify the details. But, when he went to the store, the Rep took only our (there are two more people joining the plan) phone numbers and gave him an account number. And then told him to call customer service when we were ready to do the transfer and give that account number. Also, I want to buy a new phone when entering into the contract (iPhone 5S) and is it better for him to get the phone then and there instead of me getting the phone at a store near my place?

Now, I'm not entirely sure if this will work and I am a super paranoid person. I don't want to lose the number at any cost. So, have any of you guys done this? Suggestions?

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Re: Going from GoPhone to Mobile Share plan, keep the number

It is definitely possible to go from a prepaid to Mobile Share plan.

You said that your friend will be the primary account holder which to be honest, would concern me slightly. The reason is because that friend will have the rights and control of your line, which means if they (and I'm not saying they would) cancel the line, your number would be lost and nothing could be done about it.

Second scenario would be if someone failed to make their share of the bill payment. If that were to happen (and again not saying they would do this), then their lines as well as your own would be suspended until the payment is made.

Are you able to open your own individual line? That can be done as well along with keeping your own number. Because you have a prepaid line, you would still be eligible for 2 year contract pricing (assuming you pass the credit check).

Another option is AT&T Next which is no contract, and you would be able to upgrade every 12 months. The way it works is you would be sold a device $0 upfront with no activation fees but you would make a monthly installment payment to pay off the device. So you would pay for your monthly plan + monthly installment on the same bill.

Now I am throwing ideas on how you can go individual instead but it would depend on variety of factors. One being how much would you be willing to pay for service, do you use a lot of data etc. What kind of monthly bill are looking for? Would help the community or even the CM's here to help you find a suitable plan or something compatible. Smiley Happy
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