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Going Round and Round Absolute disappointment


Going Round and Round Absolute disappointment


This is regarding my AT&T Wireless service which i have been using for (now) more than
6 years. I have two lines on my account and one of my line had a new contract started on my  April 2012, 
 Last week i was having trouble with the phone on that line and so i decided to upgrade and get a new phone, but to my surprise i am seeing a new upgrade date on my profile April 2014(24 months).
so i talked to the customer care and the manager told me that, they had a policy change regarding the standard upgrade, but "since i was my eligibility period before that, i should be getting a standard upgrade now and he put a note on my account".
 so i went in to local retail shop Frys electronics , since they were having a sale on Samsung Galaxy S4 (new model for 49$ + 50$ gift card) ,to purchase that. but i was not able to do it since ATT was not allowing me to upgrade. Then again i had a conversation with Att customer care, who told me i would be allowed to get a phone only through Att store or by the phone. then i explained the special offer i was getting with Frys.  The customer care agent told me to go to a nearby ATT store and talk to them about getting the same phone with price matching.
   Next thing i know is i am in an ATT store explaining to them about all of this and the answer i get is "sorry sir we do not price match with third party " and you should talk to customer care about this.
 Customer care explains me to that they can offer the phone for the price which att has.
  The next day, i saw an ad on ATT WEBSITE, that Sasmung NOTE 2 is offered ofr 49$. So again i started this process of calling and talking to Customer care. Now i am being given a new reason, we cannot give u the price of third party and also we cannot offer you the price from Att website, since its a web offer and my upgrade is only through the phone.
 Now i am totally at loss,on wat to do now. Al i am hearing from all sides is , i am being given a special upgrade and i can do it onluy through the phone and only with the prices they offer.  This is the crap, i am getting after being a loyal customer for  6 years. Its as though they are doing me a great favour for offering me this upgrade. I am going into a another 2 year contract with att and still this is how i am being treated. I am almost sure of just closing the account and get out of att as soon as possible.
 Hope this becomes a lesson to anyone who is now with att and waiting for their upgrade.
 Just wait 2 years and get out of here..
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Re: Going Round and Round Absolute disappointment

AT&T does not have to offer an upgrade at a discounted/subsidized price, but they choose to.  If you were offered an upgrade in a special situation such as the one that you described, you have to accept the offer from the department that made it. 


Third parties can only see AT&T's standard upgrade eligibility, not special offers.  And no, AT&T doesn't price match other entities.

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Re: Going Round and Round Absolute disappointment

Any overrides that are applied need to be directly applied into the ordering system at the time of sale. If the manager of Fry's can't do it, then no one can do it for him. AT&T won't void the terms of the contract, but by overriding you, they will eat the remaining unpaid portion of your discount.
If you really want to the store discounts, wait. Otherwise take advantage of the courtesy overide offers through AT&T sales channels.
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