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GoPhone Prepaid AutoRefill Options


GoPhone Prepaid AutoRefill Options

I would like to use AutoRefill on a GoPhone account set for the 10 cent a minute plan so that I can keep the same telephone number. I understand that I need to refill for $100 to keep the number for a year. A couple of questions:


1. If I use the full $100 before the year is up and have the auto refill option set to refill when "minutes are empty", I assume that I will see a new refill of $100 as soon as my existing minutes go to 0. Is that correct?


2. If I don't use the full $100 in 12 months,  I assume the auto-refill won't kick in until my balance goes to 0. However, doesn't that mean I will lose my telephone number because my refill will be more than 12 months? Will I get an email from GoPhone telling me to refill otherwise I will lose my number? Is there a Refill option that allows you to select either (A) auto refill when minutes are empty or (B) auto refill at 12 months which ever comes first?

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Re: GoPhone Prepaid AutoRefill Options

Unfortunately I am not familiar with auto refill/auto renewal, but I will do my best to answer your questions.

1. I would think that's correct. It might give you the option to choose which amount you'd like to add ($25, $50, $60, etc.) instead of the full $100.

2. Yes, usually if you do not add any more money to your account for 12 consecutive months, you would lose your phone number and any existing money in your account. As long as you provided your e-mail address to AT&T, they should send you an e-mail warning you that if you do not add money to your account soon, you will lose your phone number.

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