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GoPhone Monthly Billing Does Not Support 31 Day Months


GoPhone Monthly Billing Does Not Support 31 Day Months

Hello all,


My wife's phone is slated to auto refill on the 1st of each month. Today, which should have been the day to take money from her credit card, she got a msg that service has suspended due to not emough money in her account. When she called in they told her that bc October has 31 days that the system does not account for this, and she need to pay for a single day plan at $2. 


Is this true? Do we live in a day and age where the days in the month really count? What do you do when Feb comes around...give money back to your customers?



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Re: GoPhone Monthly Billing Does Not Support 31 Day Months

Monthly plans will always have a 30 day expiration period regardless of how many days are there in that month. Always count 30 days after your plan is renewed. To fix your problem change your auto-refill option to "One day before rate plan expires" @, this way you don't have to worry that your account will be suspended.
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Re: GoPhone Monthly Billing Does Not Support 31 Day Months

Correct me if im wrong , i think you're NOT on the monthly plan. You are on the $2 pay per use plan. Is that right? If so it is not based on the monthly 30 day expiration period, It will depend on your account balance, If account balance is insufficient to pay for the plan, your service will be suspended , until you add the minimum amount to pay for your plan( In your case minimum is $2 in order to use service).


The reason why it said "Your service is suspended" was that your balance was below $2. And the time of refill was not due yet. If your phone was slated to auto-refill every 1st of the month, it would refill on October 31, 11:59PM (1 minute before November 1). Time is always based on central time.


If i was on the $2 plan. This is what i would do, i will cancel my auto-refill. I will manually add $100 from my credit card. This way i won't have to worry my account will close and lose my number, because it's good for 1 year. And if i decide to change to a monthly plan, i could still use whatevers left on my account balance. But that's just me.

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