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Re: GoPhone Lumia 520 = Hotspot feature

GoPhone Lumia 520 = Hotspot feature

ok, I've been with AT&T for 9 years, with this last year going prepaid because they don't offer any post paid plans that are price comparable, anyway, I just bought this AT&T GoPhone Lumia 520, everywhere I looked (including AT&T) they advertise/push this phone because of the ability to use it as a hotspot, So needless to say I bought it, NOW I'm told because its prepaid I can NOT use it as a hotspot, that I'd have to buy another device and subscribe to a plan for hotspot...


Sorry I do not want to be under contract, I pay for unlimted talk, text and 2 gigs of data, I should be able to use the data I pay for the way I want. After all I'm paying for the data, So please tell me AT&T, why should I buy another device and pay more money for something thats BUILT into my phone and data that I have already paid for ??? I just don't get why you're so greedy ! You really need to make this feature availble for prepaid GoPhone users, I mean why not ? We're already paying for the data, I think it should be up to the 'user' to share or not share, IT'S OUR DATA ! ! !

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Re: GoPhone Lumia 520 = Hotspot feature

I agree, we should not get the short end of the stick just because we are a "lower tier" service. As much as I like AT&T's GoPhone service, they really need to make it more on par with their postpaid/contract services, i.e. data packages and features, customer support, etc.

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Re: GoPhone Lumia 520 = Hotspot feature

HI adams032903,


The GoPhone service is great for your general usage of any device. However with our new Mobile Share Value plans, they are pretty much right on point with the GoPhone offerings and enables more features for yourself. Since you would have your own device, your upfront cost would be minimal and also provide an ongoing monthly savings as well. You may also qualify for a discount from your employer as well.



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Re: GoPhone Lumia 520 = Hotspot feature

That would be great, if AT&T tech support would be able to make that happen.  I have a Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone, that I moved to a post-paid account, and they've told me they cannot activate the tethering feature.  According to tech support, since it was a GoPhone, the phone was built differently than regular 520's and is not capable of doing Internet Sharing on a post-paid account.  Really?

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