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Go-Phone Bill/Support


Go-Phone Bill/Support

I paid my monthly $50 Go-Phone Bill and instead of the unlimited plan the worker at Radioshack applied the money toward a $25 monthly plan, which would give me 2 $25 plans for the next month? Yeah, I know. lol I need AT&T to correct this error, please. I have had my Go Phone service for over a year and a half now and never had this happen to me before. A new employee handles my business and now after 3 days my account has only $24 left in it, when it should have unlimited talk, text, and web until 09/13/2013. Please Help!, AT&T!

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Re: Go-Phone Bill/Support

I would highly suggest calling customer service so that they can take care of this issue. They should be able to switch your plan to the right one and potentially issue any credit(s) due to the mix-up.

To get ahold of them, dial 611 from your phone. The automated voice system will give you voice prompts, but just ignore them and keep repeating customer service. After three or four tries, you should be transferred to a live representative that should be able to help you.

Good luck!

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