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Glad AT&T is doing so well they don't need this Verizon customer...


Glad AT&T is doing so well they don't need this Verizon customer...

Years ago my wife and I were Verizon customers. When the iPhone came out only on AT&T we became customers and transferred our long-held phone numbers; about 3 years later, when the phone finally arrived on Verizon, we switched back and transferred those same numbers back to Verizon.


After having dealt with Verizon again for the last 2.5 years, we’re quite unhappy; compared to AT&T we have far more dropped or marginal calls. Since our Verizon contract is up, we decided to take advantage of the deals on the now-discontinued iPhone 5 and at the same time switch back to AT&T.


Imagine our surprise when we went into Wal-Mart (a 90-minute round-trip from our house, BTW) and asked to buy two phones and transfer our numbers. The clerk was quite helpful, set up a new account for us, then had a puzzled look: AT&T’s system wouldn’t transfer our phone numbers!


She called AT&T’s dealer line, where (after a 35-minute conversation) the AT&T rep concluded that  they couldn’t transfer the numbers because we didn’t have an active AT&T line! She explained that we were setting up a new account and needed to transfer the numbers over, and until we did so there wouldn’t be an active line! The AT&T rep told her that there was nothing they could do, that we had to have an active line to bring our phone numbers over.


We're no longer bound to our Verizon contract and we've had these numbers for about 15 years. We're not about to give them up now!


Any AT&T people care to comment, or should we just let Verizon take our money instead?

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Re: Glad AT&T is doing so well they don't need this Verizon customer...

aGuyWhoKnows wrote:
Caught that after. It has come to my attention that wing is a 10+ year customer of Sprint...

Why is it you are all over the att forums? Genuinely curious

easy I own a business, I am


- a 43 year customer with att (cellular, pots, voip, special services), including wireless

- a 18 year customer with verizon,

- a 12 year customer with rogers(in canada, europe and japan),

- a 6 year customer with vodaphone,

- a 24 year customer with globalstar.


I personally carry and issue cell phones to my employees depending on the best coverage available, since I travel world wide I and my employees have multiple cell phones

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Re: Glad AT&T is doing so well they don't need this Verizon customer...

I guess so!
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