Getting data charges on a line that has a phone with no 3g/4g capability


Getting data charges on a line that has a phone with no 3g/4g capability

My mom's phone died, so I gave her my old phone, and suddenly there's $24 in data charges.


Her phone was a Pantech Link, and looking back through the data records, there are random data charges for most months, but it's something silly like one single 2kb used for the whole month, that cost $2.


I gave her a Chinese Android phone I had used for a while that does not have any 3g. When I go way back to the months I had been using the phone, the records show no data usage at all for it. From the day we put the SIM card in, on Dec 10th, there are a bunch of little data uses all the way up to Dec 17th, where they abruptly stop. They range from 4kb, to 1.7mb, with a total of 12mb costing $24.


What's going on here? How come when I was using that phone and had no data plan, I got absolutely zero data usage, but now my mom is using it with no data plan, and she's getting data charges, on a phone that doesn't have 3g capability. For January, it doesn't show any data charges so far, we had asked AT&T to make sure there was no data use enabled on that line, so maybe it's fixed now, but does that mean unless you tell them to disable data on a line, they will charge you for bogus data usage?

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Re: Getting data charges on a line that has a phone with no 3g/4g capability

Hi DanHS,


Android devices all pull data regardless of it its a 3G device or not. If it supports AT&T bands, the 2G data service would still work and could pull data (such as software updates, picture messaging, etc).


If you are using an Android device you should have a basic data plan on the device as all smartphones on a post paid account require a data plan. AT&T will sweep for IMEI's every 60 days or so and will automatically put a data plan on the line if you continue to use the Android device.


Be aware that even if you call into customer care and block data on that line, there is a possibiliy that once a sweep happens you may see a data plan put on the device.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Getting data charges on a line that has a phone with no 3g/4g capability

I would also go into the phone and turn off cellular data if you are having a big issue. However she won't be able to send or receive pictures.
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