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Getting a Nano Sim from AT&T Store.


Getting a Nano Sim from AT&T Store.

Hey guys! I'm wondering will AT&T Give me a Nano Sim if I go in and ask for one? I recently bought a used Iphone 5 off of eBay, and I'm planning to make it my main phone. However I wanted to test it out and make sure everything works properly before I switch from my current phone which uses a Micro Sim, and in order to set up an Iphone you need to activate it with a Sim card first. So I'm wondering would the Reps give me a card without having to change my Phone until I can ensure the phone works properly?

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Re: Getting a Nano Sim from AT&T Store.

You can get a new SIM no problem, but they'll need to program it with your number, so the old SIM will be deactivated. If you're lucky, you might find a salesman with an iPhone 5 willing to test the phone before committing to a new SIM.


I've activated iPhones with deactivated SIM cards in the past, you just need to have a SIM in the phone and connect it to iTunes.

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