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Feedback for positive experience at Alexandria, VA location


Feedback for positive experience at Alexandria, VA location

Hi - 


I want to leave feedback for the great experience that I had upon visiting your Alexandria, VA location.  


I had just arrived in the DC area after visiting Mexico.  When I was there, my cell phone was stolen.  Daniel was very pleasant to talk to and he helped us look at our options.  Since I did not have insurance on the stolen phone - he gave us a few options aside from spending $650 outright for a new phone.  His first option was adding a mobile hot spot to our account.  We were into this idea until I decided that I would be purchasing a Samsung Galaxy IV and if we purchased that, there was a deal for a Samsung tablet.  My husband had been wanting a tablet so we went with that option.  We added the service for the tablet to our account and signed a two year agreement and he was able to pull the upgrade date on my phone up so that I could get a discounted rate on the phone.


In the world we live in, I am so used to sales people telling us that there is absolutely nothing they can do and you should have had insurance.  And then they typically stick you with a huge bill.  That's the last thing a human wants after they just lost all of the photos on their phone, along with their contacts because some theif stole their phone while on vacation.  Cell phone theft is a huge problem since the phones are worth a lot of money and the cell phone companies weren't doing anything to prevent the stolen phones from being used by theives.  Luckily, things are changing in that area but we're still a far cry from fixing the problem we have with cell phone theft.  


At any rate - I just wanted to put this feedback out there for Daniel because I think he deserves credit for handling a delicate situation well and helping us go home happy customers who want to stay with ATT.  Prior to walking in there, I was prepared to pay the termination fee and go over to Verizon to buy a new phone if there was nothing ATT could do.  I wish all people who were customer facing were as nice and knowledgeable as he is.  


I hope this feedback gets back to him and his management because he is deserving of some positive feedback.  


Thanks Daniel for helping us - I'm sure many people you've helped are just as happy with your service as we are but just haven't taken the time to write.  


[edited for privacy - information available internally]

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Re: Feedback for positive experience at Alexandria, VA location

Hi jifanie, welcome to our community and thanks for sharing!Smiley Happy We're always happy to hear good experiences.



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Re: Feedback for positive experience at Alexandria, VA location

Hi jifanie! If you'd like to give credit where it is due, you can send a Private Message to beckyww. She'll make sure to relay the message to Daniel. 


Sorry to hear your phone was stolen but glad to here that everything worked out for you. Smiley Happy



     we live & learn~

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